The Journey Is Over: 1,000,000 views in 1932 days

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10,000 views, 20,000 views, 30,000 views, 40,000 views, 50,000 views, 60,000 views, 70,000 views, 80,000 views, 90,000 views, 100,000 views, 200,000 views, 250,000 views, 300,000 views, 400,000 views, 500,000 views, 600,000 views, 700,000 views, 750,000 views800,000 views900,000 views.

And finally 1 Million views. 

Every single one of these milestone posts tells a different story. A story about happiness, glory, contentment, excitement, nervousness, stressfulness, being unsure, not being confident, the music that was inspiring me, my personal growth in my life and in my career. Every single one of these milestones weaves together a journey that I started when I was just 19 years old. My entire early 20s is this blog. I grew up with this blog and it grew up with me. At some point i had to walk away from it, but it never left my heart and for it to generate traffic by itself in my absence was like i never left at all.

Now reaching a million views isn’t just about hitting the final milestone. It’s not about how it took me 5 years, 3 months and 14 days or in total took me 1392 days. This milestone is about what happens when you believe in yourself and seeing what happens when you truly believe in yourself and you never give up. There were many times whether it’s with this blog or in my career outside the blog where i thought about giving up. I thought about just stopping, but I’ve always told myself that when I get to the lowest point of anything that’s the moment where I have to work even harder.

And I know if just one person in the world finds my blog and reads about my journey they will see that you can really achieve your dreams. I’m not some special person, I’m not a genius, I’m just someone who knew at a very early age that I loved to write. i just didn’t know how to find success with it. That’s why I love that when I read my posts there’s grammar mistakes or just in general writing mistakes because it shows that I’m not perfect, but all I can ever do is just try my best. And for the final time here is my final stats.

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I’ll be honest when I say that i definitely have some tears in my eyes writing this. Nobody will truly ever understand how hard this has all been on me. It honestly feels like I’ve sacrificed my entire life for all of this. The hours i spent blogging, the amount of times I missed out on being with my friends and everything in-between. At 24 years of age, I can finally say that I’m taking better care of myself and my mental health and realising that the joy of my career should always be in the joy in creating and not all about the numbers and proving people wrong. And understanding that it’s all a journey, there’s going to be good days and bad days, but that’s life. All you can do is try your best and if you do that you can never fail.

And finally, I want to thank you, whoever you are for clicking on my website. I started this website a teenager and now I’m an adult and it’s finally time to say goodbye.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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