A Kidfromthe6ix Update: What’s Currently Going On

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For the first time ever, I went a month without at least blogging once. February 2019. I never blogged. Personally, it’s heart breaking to know that happen, but the reality is, it’s just a testament of how different my life has become.

There are so many different things going on, all positive, but it’s all just overwhelming. I’m living what I always considered my dream, but I also feel like I haven’t achieved anything and that I still have a million miles to go. I’m happy. For the first time in my actual career, I’m happy. Which sounds crazy, but let me just explain that.

I have a lot of problems that I need to solve, but the reality is these aren’t real problems right now. I’m no longer stressed about my career, I’m just really anxious. Excited, but anxious. There’s so many things that I’m doing, it’s all really incredible. A lot of things are coming my way and it’s everything my younger self wanted. I am however struggling in one aspect.

I really do feel like my life is changing really fast and I feel like I’m not talking to people enough because I feel like I’m getting busier and busier. And not seeing people as often as I’d like too. There’s also this idea that I have to stop looking back at the past and realize that I need to start looking forward and this is probably my biggest struggle, but truthfully, it’s always been. I feel like the past is where I get my inspiration, but when I dig too deep it distracts me and a lot of it isn’t drawn on positive things. But it’s a motivator.

Life is definitely weird right now and I’m really going to try and blog music that I really like when I can and never go ghost like I did in February, but If you clicked this post and you’re reading this, I want you to know I’m living the life I’ve wanted to live since I started this blog and adjusting to it the best I can. It’s overwhelming, but it’s beautiful. And I think if people are meant to stay in your life, regardless if you don’t talk as much or not even at all, they’ll always find a way back.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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