Realizing That You’re A Prisoner Of The Moment : Life Talk #25

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I’ve been thinking about writing about this for a really long time now. I think in my head the article title was going to be trapped in the moment, but I think a prisoner of the moment really makes more sense. You know, I think as a prisoner, there’s the idea you put yourself in that position, but being trapped just sounds like, well nobody traps themselves or they could, but then again, you could be put in jail for no reason at all. It’s all really convoluted if you dive into it really deep, but I think you get what I’m saying.

I think people and myself, we tend to get really stuck in the head about certain things. We don’t allow ourselves to think rationally, we tend to think only in emotions. Like when an album first drops, we think this is amazing, this is a classic, right on first listen because it’s the emotional rush. But then over time, our rational comes to us and we have a better opinion on the matter. You know, maybe it’s not a classic, but it is really good, but this post isn’t about music, so I don’t want to stay on that point for as long as I’ve already have. I just wanted to make a quick parallel. In reality, this post is about moments.

Moments like, being in your early 20s, because in this moment, the moment I’m in, it feels like you HAVE to achieve everything by the time you turn 25. And I’ve read about this too and for some reason it feels insanely true. I feel like with this website and with everything that I got going on, I need to see some really big result by the time I’m 25. I constantly have these existential thoughts like things won’t pan out and life will be over if it doesn’t happen, like the universe will swallow me whole if I fail, which is wild because I’m currently 23 and I’m young. I still have a ton of time left and in reality, I’m just a prisoner of the moment. A prisoner of this particular moment in my life.

And the reason I’ve wanted to write about this for a while isn’t really about that either in all honesty, it’s just about the idea in general. There are times when I have fights with people, arguments with people and it seems so important and so big and it takes so much space in my mind, but then days go by, weeks go by and then it doesn’t really matter anymore. But in that moment, it meant everything. It’s really interesting how life works in that way. In how we allow ourselves to make things seem so much bigger than they really are.

And in going back to my point about being in your early 20s, it seems like time is running out, but in reality, there’s so much time left to live. And I’m not going to lie, I’ve been blogging slash writing professionally for almost 4 straight years with no breaks, July 25 is my anniversary which is coming up soon, so it does feel like I’ve aged a lot because of all the writing, but I’m only 23. It’s a real bi-polar feeling, feeling like time is running out, but realizing there is so much time to do a lot of things or maybe that’s a paradox or I don’t know it’s weird.

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but It’s like why do we feel like time is running out? Why do we think the way we do?  I think if we go into a situation rationally, this can be avoided, but humans are emotional. I think the best way to really end this piece is by saying mental health is important, take care of yourselves, realize what’s going on, don’t let negative thoughts sit for too long, talk to people and try your best to get of the situation. It’s corny, but time really does heal too. And eventually, you will walk to the end of the rainbow and get that pot of gold you deserve.


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