Letter From The Editor: A KidFromThe6ix Update

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On July 25, 2018, which is about two months away, this website will be celebrating it’s four year anniversary. There has been so many amazing things that have happened in my life because of this website, whether that’s getting media passes to cover music festivals or writing for the publication “The 405″ and interviewing artists like GoldLink, things have been pretty incredible. And in looking back on the website’s history, I still can’t believe what my life was like before it existed and how vital it has become.

Because before I started this website, I didn’t have a portfolio of any of my work as a writer because I didn’t have any work to begin with. I was a journalism student who had absolutely no experience whatsoever in the field. I always knew I loved to write and it’s always been my passion, but I had nothing to show for it. Even throughout elementary school, middle school, high school, writing was my passion, but my grammar and spelling always killed my english grades.

And when I entered first year of J-School, I looked around and listened to all of these kids my age talk about writing for their school newspaper, talk about all of their experiences and I had nothing. It was pretty disheartening. And then I failed a course in my second semester of J-School and after finishing first year, I was starting to think this writing business wasn’t for me, but then everything changed.

I created this website and within 6 months, I suddenly had a portfolio of work and the site had amassed 100,000 views. And as much as the view count was great and having all of this work was great, what mattered most of all was for the first time in my life, what I loved most in this world writing finally brought me success that showed people I was smart. It seems hilarious to say, but I’ve never made honour roll, never had great grades, I’ve always had the potential to be something, but until this website, It never connected in anything.

Fast forward to 2018 now, I’ve graduated from college and got my advanced diploma in Journalism. In a year from now, I’ll have my bachelor degree in Journalism and getting media passes to cover music festivals feels common now. In truth though, as common as it might feel, it still feels incredible and I don’t take it for granted. And its crazy when I think about things because in the first couple of months blogging, I used to sleep and dream about the day I’d get to this point. I just knew If I kept writing and kept pushing, things would have to turn out okay. And now for what this post is really about.

In the summer of 2018, I will be interning at INK Entertainment to write content for their brand, “Rap Season.” To date, this is the biggest thing that has happened in my writing career. It’s honestly an incredible opportunity and on my first day, this past Monday, I was writing an opinion piece in the office and all I could think about was how this all started in my basement of my house, when I made a blog and had my first piece called, “The Start Of Something New.” I never imagined that this would all come from that.

Now with that being said, thank you to all the people who ever clicked my website, it’s been at times, a stressful journey, but it’s been just as rewarding.

Thank You.




From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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