Ranking All 9 Tracks On Bladee “Working On Dying”

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My little break is finally over. It felt pretty healthy to not blog for about a week or two. This is the longest break I’ve ever had in terms of not blogging and posting. I told myself when I started this way back in 2014, I would never take a break. This would be daily, at least, I would only break for two days. In 2017, I wasn’t at my highest like I was in 2015 and 2016 in terms of content. I had to dip down because I needed to build a portfolio of work and that took me to The 405.

With that being said, we’re coming correct in 2018, more content, more blog posts and in the first piece of 2018, I bring you “Ranking All 9 Tracks On Bladee Working On Dying.” In the two weeks I didn’t blog in the last part of 2017, a lot of things dropped that I really wanted to blog, but nothing more than this tape. This would have 100% made my top album lists right off the bat. “Working On Dying” is Bladee progressing as an artist and it’s just incredible. Now let’s get to ranking!




Song: Lordship (Feat. Yung Lean)

Mixtape: Working On Dying

Reason: Out of all the nine tracks on the project, I think this one is the weakest. I really love Yung Lean’s flow, he really kills this song and it really comes out of nowhere. I’m just going to preface this early by saying, I think all nine tracks are incredible and amazing in their own ways, this is purely ranking them. With that being said, Bladee does his thing on this song and Lean does his, but in terms of collaboration they’ve done together, this song is just alright.




Song: Knightbridge

Mixtape: Working On Dying

Reason: The way Bladee uses his voice on this track in the adlibs is amazing and takes this track to another level. Also shout out to Thaiboy Digital on the track, free Thaiboy, you already know. I really don’t know who touches Bladee on this planet when it comes to melody, this dude really got the voice. This song might rank a lot higher as I continue to play the mixtape, but for now it’s 8th.




Song: Backstr€€t Boys (Feat. Black Kray)

Mixtape: Working On Dying

Reason: Bladee and Black Kray compliment eachother so well on this track, it’s absurd. The production makes that connection all the better, but still, this song is incredible. I think I have this ranked a little bit higher than the rest just based off the fact that Bladee has been tweeting that Drain Gang is the new one direction, new backstreet boys, so him paying homage to that idea on this track is classic.




Song: Under Your Spell

Mixtape: Working On Dying

Reason: Autotune angel, Bladee really kills this song, it’s not even funny. Coming at 1:45 in length, this song is honestly the perfect length. This track might even end up being my personal, fan favourite, not the best song, not even top three, but I think with time, It might be the track I just put on repeat and play constantly, it’s flawless. It’s kind of like an interlude in the mixtape.




Song: Best Buy

Mixtape: Working On Dying

Reason: I think every single person who is a fan of Bladee can agree, this track took us all for a complete suprise. This is what it sounds like when an artist is trying something new and trying to create new energy. This song is absolutely crazy in the most amazing way. This could be the best song on the tape for some people, it could be the worst song on the tape for people and that’s why it’s a certified blassic.




Song: Cherry Bracelets (Feat. Yung Lean & Ecco2k)

Mixtape: Working On Dying

Reason: This song feels like it should have been on the Drain Gang compliation and honestly, for all that I know, it might have been meant for it and Bladee just kept it for himself. This track is a classic Yung Lean, Ecco2k and Bladee collobaration. But let’s pause for a moment and realize we STILL don’t have an offical Ecco2k project and it’s 2018. That’s crazy, but back to the track, this is the type of song that makes us realize why we love sad boys and drain gang.




Song: D-925

Mixtape: Working On Dying

Reason: This track really embodies the energy of the tape. The way Bladee comes in with his voice, the melodic singing, the changing of the flow and the low key-sadness. It’s bladee at his purest. Gotta love the lyric, “Drain Gang high school, yeah I’m a scholar.”




Song: Gatekeeper

Mixtape: Working On Dying

Reason: When I saw that Bladee dropped the tape, I wanted to see if Whitearmor had anything to do with any of the tracks, seeing how it was not worked out with him on the project. I then found out Whitearmor had production on this song and of course, it’s one of the best tracks on the project. And that’s nothing against any of the other producers, the tape is incredible, but “Eversince” is “Eversince” and Whitearmor is god level always because of what he did with Bladee’s album.

Now what I really love about this track, is that it truly feels like a complete track. Bladee is telling us a lot, there’s a lot of material and it really gives us a sense of what he’s going for. This song for me was Bladee saying I’m going to make it, I don’t care. And I’m just going to say it, the first verse on this track might be one of the best Bladee verse’s of all time.




Song: Redlight Moments

Mixtape: Working On Dying

Reason: The lyrics on this song are no joke at all. Bladee is literally pouring his heart out on the track. With lyrics like, “if I can’t beat it, let it beat me, If I can’t eat the night, I’ma let it eat me.” We already know Bladee talks about drug use and depression in his music, but in this song it really hits. Again with lyrics like, “Darkness, can’t stay away, it’s a holiday, what pain do I choose today, I’ma contemplate.”

Sometimes as music listeners, we just hear the song and not the content and what really makes this song the best song on the tape is that it reminds me of the first time I heard “Into Dust” by Bladee. It’s just so real and honest and crazy and the autone and melody and Bladee voice, i can’t even describe why it’s so good.


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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2 comments on “Ranking All 9 Tracks On Bladee “Working On Dying”

  1. Very informative piece about the entire mixtape. Bladee really came through with a great project to kick off the year, and I’m glad we’ve been blessed by his grace so early on. #freethaiboy #draingang #sadboys


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