Here’s 12 Essential Lil Peep Songs You Should Hear

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Where does one begin a post like this. I guess I can start and say that I wrote a piece called, “A Fan’s Perspective: Remembering Lil Peep & What Could Have Been” for The 405 and I thought writing about Peep would make things better, but since his death, the thought of it all hasn’t really left my mind. I’m still upset by the whole thing, so I thought I’d write about him again, but instead of talking about his career, his music, his life, I’d shine a light on songs that I think deserve to be highlighted.

For me personally, I became a fan of Peep’s earlier this year with the track, “Witchblades.” I tweeted about the song back in March, but ’ll go into more detail below with the song post, back to which, with that being said,“Here’s 12 Essential Lil Peep Songs You Should Hear.”



Song: Hellboy

Project: Hellboy

Reason: The project opener, the title track, “Hellboy.” I love the sample right in the beginning, it sets the tone of the tape, but what I really love in this track is when the song transition into Peep’s verse. It’s turns into this Puddle of Mud, “Blurry” vibe of a track and it’s just so refreshing.



Song: Cry Baby

Project: Cry Baby

Reason: The way the production goes so well with Peep’s voice on this track, out of all the songs in Peep’s discography, coming back to this track and listening to this one is heartbreaking now.



Song: The Song They Played When I Crashed Into The Wall (Live Performance)

Project: Hellboy

Reason: I had to pick the live performance for this track because it really embodies why this track is incredible. Peep’s vocals on the studio version is amazing, but to really hear the emotion behind the track, to really hear Peep, you have to listen to the live performance. Especially in the end when it’s just acapella, this is a true artist moment.



Song: The Brightside

Project: Come Over When You’re Sober (Pt.1)

Reason: Just an overall incredible record. The production, the vocals, its hip-hop and emo clashing together making something special.



Song: Benz Truck

Project: Come Over When You’re Sober (Pt.1)

Reason: The opening track from Lil Peep’s debut album, “Come Over When You’re Sober (Pt.1)” and a fitting opener at that. There are many acts in Gothboiclique, I interviewed one of them back in 2014, JPDREAMTHUG, but it was clear Peep was becoming the first person to really break out and become a star and the way he was pushing GBC, it was refreshing. This track is a definite GBC anthem.



Song: Better Off (Dying)

Project: Come Over When You’re Sober (Pt.1)

Reason: I appreciate a banger of a track and that is what this is. It’s strange how to me this feels like a feel good track, but when you really hear what Peep is saying, it’s the total opposite. There’s something to be said about that. Sometimes we enjoy songs and bump songs where artists are clearly in pain and singing or rapping about it, but we ignore it and turn up to it. You can notice it, but it doesn’t really change the fact.



Song: U Said (Live Performance)

Project: Come Over When You’re Sober (Pt.1)

Reason: Another track where I truly feel like the live performance does more justice than the studio version, “U Said” is one of my favourite tracks off the debut album. It’s hard to really say which part of the song is best, the simple, laid back start or the flip in the second half that’s a total turn up. Maybe, both sides are equally amazing, either way, the song is incredible and Peep’s performance here is magic.



Song: Awful Things

Project: Come Over When You’re Sober (Pt.1)

Reason: This music video could have premiered on Much Music back in the 2000s right before a Simple Plan video and right after a Good Charlotte video. I never thought something of this magnitude would be created, but here we are. This song truly embodies the potential of what Peep was doing. He was taken from us too soon.



Song: Witchblades

Project: Castles II

Reason: This song is a classic and I knew that the moment I first heard it back in March. I can’t tell if I actually like Tracy’s part now or I just ironically like it. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter, Peep steals the show on this track and is the reason the track is a classic. Peep’s vocals on track literally sounds like Good Charlotte. And that’s my exact tweet back in March. Taking emo influences and seeping into the hip-hop era now, Peep was on to something and doing it well. The fact that Good Charlotte just recently covered “Awful Things” as a tribute to Peep puts it full circle, but Peep deserved to be alive to see it.



Song: Beamer Boy

Project: California Girls

Reason: I feel like for every fan of a new artists, the second song they hear by the artist has to be amazing too. If the song isn’t up to par, you kind of forget about the artist even if they have one song they like. When I heard “Beamer Boy” I knew Peep was another artist I’d be truly listening to. In short, the song is so good, you don’t even realize Peep is repeating himself like The Killers do on “Mr Brightside.”




Song: Star Shopping (Live Performance)

Project: Lil Peep Part One

Reason: Yet another song that is better live than the studio version. This is one of those songs that It’s hard to truly put into words as to why you like it. It’s just incredible, feels timeless and the outro is beautiful. Just a beautiful track.



Song: Gym Class

Project: N/A

Reason: This is my favourite Lil Peep song. The production, the music video, it just all goes together beautifully and perfectly. Then Lil Peep comes and there’s no words. This is actually the first Peep song I went to when everybody on KTT and Twitter realized Peep had actually passed away. This guy was just 21.


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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