9 Standout Tracks On Yung Lean “Stranger” Album

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Yung Lean is one of the most talented artists on the planet right now. I don’t care if you don’t like him and think he’s trash because the truth is, he’s crazy talented. He makes music you can’t even categorize. It’s not trap, not rap, not pop, it’s literally genre-less. And since dropping his debut project at 16 called, “Unknown Death 2002” he has continued to drop incredible music. And The fact that he’s dropped his third official studio album and he is only 21 shows that Lean has all the time in the world to continue to build on his career.

Now when it comes to his new album, “Stranger” it’s easily the most complete Lean project to date. Now that’s not to say, “Unknown Memory” or “Warlord” weren’t complete studio albums, but “Stranger” feels like it’s an artists truly grabbing his potential and showcasing it for the world. Tracks like “Red Bottom Sky” to “Agony” this is the Lean I knew he could be. This album is just incredible and full of melody and flow and the production handled by Gud, Sherman and Whitearmor is just gold.

With that being said, here’s “9 Standout Tracks On Yung Lean “Stranger” Album.



Song: Silver Arrows

Reason: First things first, the production is just beautiful. I wish Yung Lean showed more energy towards the track because its kind of like the production drowns him out, but it’s still an amazing track. Classic Leandoer being lazy though.



Song: Drop It / Scooter

Reason: This song is gonna BANG during the “Stranger” tour, I feel like it’s one of the songs that sounds so much better live than on headphones or speakers. I got tickets to the tour, so you already know I’m going to enjoy the crap out of it all, but I do genuinely love the track. The glitches of the vocals, I’m going to keep on saying it throughout the reviews of the tracks, but my god the production, just wheeeeeeeew.



Song: Push / Lost Weekend

Reason: I love how low key this song is. Just a really relaxing, slow pace, casual banger. And the auto-tune on the vocals, just amazing. I feel like Thaiboy Digital would have been a nice feature on this track, but Lean floats regardless.



Song: Salute / Pacman

Reason: “SALUTE TO THE GANG, KNOW WHERE WE HANG, BITCHES ROUND THE YARD THEY FOLLOW ME LIKE PACMAN.” This song is a classic on first listen off these bars alone. And lest we forget these lyrics as well, “Slayerrrrrrrr stacks like the mayorrrrrrrr, Pagerrrrrrrr, she gon’ hit me on my pagerrrrrrr, Laterrrrrr, gon’ get it now or later, ALL I WANNA IS TO GET RICH, BUY A HOUSE AND SOME LASER. I way he elongates the words is just another reason why I love this track, just so many moments that remind me why I’m a Yung Lean fan and if the top five standout tracks weren’t as tight as they were, this would have been a top five track.



Song: Skimask

Reason: Probably the song that resembles the “Warlord” era the most. The glitchy production from Yung Gud is just genius. I expect nothing less, the man is a genius. This is the banger on the album, if you were looking for that. I love that the majority of the album is melody and lean is on this new beautiful wave that we were kind of hearing on “Frost God” and we’ve been hearing through his personal side project, “Jonatan Leandoer127” so this song is just a nice reminder of Lean’s potential to give off a banger.



Song: Hunting My Own Skin

Reason: What I love about this song is that it blends the banger aspect of Lean, but adds this very melodic Lean as well, which creates this incredible soundscape and just overall, flawless track. AND. MY. GOD. THE. PRODUCTION. Back in 2014, I wrote a piece called, “5 reasons why Yung Lean is here to stay” and the number five reason was production. In 2017, it’s still true. Lean is crazy talented and his production team elevates him to levels unheard of. This track really embodies that.



Song: Red Bottom Sky

Reason: When I heard this song for the first time, I almost shed thug tears. If you have been a fan of Yung Lean for years now, you know and I know, this is song that made you realize we were going to get another progressive album from Lean. When you heard “Hoover” you knew “Warlord” was about to be some shit, when you heard “Yoshi City” you know it was about to be some shit and for “Red Bottom Sky” it was the same. A lot can be said about this record, but what I really want to highlight is the later half of the record. Lean’s singing and the choir or backed up vocals combining with his and then it cuts back into the hook, just tear worthy. Its art at it’s purest form.



Song: Agony

Reason: If “Skimask” was the closest thing to the “Warlord era” than “Agony” is a crossbreed of “Unknown Memory’s Leanworld” and Lean’s personal side project, “Jonatan Leandoer127.” Agony, even though the song is still new will go down as one of the greatest Yung Lean songs of all time. When the choir cuts in and blends with Lean’s voice, it’s heartbreaking and emotional and everything you’ve ever wanted in a Yung Lean record. With everything that has happened to Lean over the years, everything that happened in Miami, the Fader Piece, this song is Yung Lean pouring out his heart. One of the rare moments that he truly is a sad boy.



Song: Yellowman

Reason: Yeah, this is probably my favourite Yung Lean record of all time. OF ALL TIME. The melody, the flow, the production, the fact that the song starts off this with the “Stranger” tag and finishes off with the “Stranger” tag, the aggressive flow around the 2:00 minute mark with drum marching sounds, but then flips back to some of the most beautiful production I’ve ever heard. The ending to this song is better than anything that has been released this year and I can’t wait to see this live.


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