Track By Track Album Review: Phantom Phunk “Turtle Stand”

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Phantom Phunk, is a progressive indie band founded in 2015 by: Hector Alexander on guitar, Sasha Chine on vocals, Juan Gonzalez on guitar, and Nick Emiliozzi on drums. Recently, Phantom Punk have released their sophomore album, “Turtle Sand.”

The band said, “Turtle Sand supplies a unique listening experience reminiscent to the analog 90’s sound found in groups like The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, and the Flaming Lips. And when I listened to the album, I got that feeling as well. I decided to listen to each track, giving my honest feedback on each song. Now while you read this review, play the album below and read my thoughts at the same time, to give you a better sense of what I’m saying. With that being said, here’s “Track By Track Album Review: Phantom Phunk “Turtle Stand.”

Press play on the album below and start reading. Now the album starts with track one titled, “Bat Seat Sax.” It includes an uptempo guitar being played with a catchy chorus that repeats the title tracked spontaneously. It’s a really great album opener. Now track two titled “My Hands” starts with a build up of soothing production with heartfelt lyrics. In this song Phantom Phunk repeats multiple intriguing questions throughout the song. It’s a really nice track. Track three titled “ Sleepy Willow” starts of with a slow tempo, which I didn’t mind, but could have been a little better, but I did like that they maintained it throughout the song. It grew on me a bit, just the richness of the guitar and the drums really did fuse together perfectly.

Then it goes to, track four titled, “Turtle Sand” that includes a fusion of beautiful lyrics and nice production. Towards the end of the song the production sounds increase as so does the volume of the screaming lyrics, which adds a whole crazy element to the track that was nicely done. Track five titled, “Paper Neck” is a very slow paced, relaxing song, but just passed the 1:20 mark, the song picks up and vocals are introduced.

We then go to track six titled,“Raymond Sanders Funhouse, which is the shortest song on the album, which is just less than a minute. This song contains single keyed guitar being played. Track seven titled, “Memory’s a ghost” seems like a song that releases a stream of consciousness with monotone vocals and clean production. From what Phantom Punk said about it being a unique listening experience, I was really getting that sense.

Now as we enter the final three songs on the album, we get to track eight titled, “Steep Your Body” and one would call this a rock band reminiscing song. This song really gives the listeners a nostalgic feeling sonically. The second final song, track nine titled, “People Watcher” has a crunchy guitar being played, then swings in different rhythms and lyrics,  creating a great alternative rock song. Finally, finishing off with track ten titled, “Arecibos Lullaby” it ends the album on a very calm feeling that felt everlasting, but was actually only just short of 3 minutes. I honestly, can’t think of a better way to end an album. If you’ve enjoyed reading and listening to the album, check more of their music by clicking here via Soundcloud.


Stream “Turtle Stand” below



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