6 Songs You Must Hear From Brent Faiyaz “Sonder Son” Album

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Brent Faiayz or most commonly referred to as the artist who’s on Goldlink’s song, “Crew.” Now that statement may not be real for everybody, the stans and the massive fans been knew about Brent Faiyaz, but for me, that’s how I pieced it all together. Everybody on Twitter was raving about this, “Sonder Son” album and how amazing Brent Faiyaz is. When I interviewed Goldlink months ago for The 405, he made a mention of how amazing he is too.

I guess I just never went and listened to his music, until now. Better late than never I guess. With that being said, Brent Faiayz released his debut album, “Sonder Son” and it’s massive. It’s incredible, it’s that real R&B that you need in your life. Out of the 12 tracks on the tape, here’s the “6 Songs You Must Hear From Brent Faiyaz “Sonder Son” Album.”



Song: Gang Over Luv

Reason: A lot of people label this song as the song of the album, but that’s not the case for me. It’s amazing, the songwriting is amazing, but the other songs on this list just top it in my opinion. Vocal wise though on the track, this is such a strong performance and the ambient production. Top notch.



Song: Stay Down

Reason: This that real R&B, god damn. You can hear the 90s R&B influences all over this track, it’s too good. And the guitar playing around the 1:30 minute mark in the song, it just takes the track to another level. This probably doesn’t make any sense, but production wise, this song reminds me of Maroon 5 song, “Secret.” I don’t know, random, but my ear hears what it hears.



Song: Needed

Reason: When the song really starts at the :45 second mark, it’s just wheeeeew. The build up, just to get to that part is just sensational. And then the 2:45 mark and onward, man, the pocket of incredible moments on this track is just too good.



Song: All I Want

Reason: Another song that really gives me Maroon 5, “Songs About Jane” vibes, It could literally be only me, but the guitar playing, the production, really reminds me of that. But back to this track, just foolish. Again, this is real R&B. You gotta appreciate this.



Song: So Far Gone/ Fast Life Bluez

Reason: This song turned me into an instant fan. AN INSTANT FAN. This song is amazing.  Maybe it’s the Drake sample, that “Lust For Life” So Far Gone sample, but honestly, it’s the track. You can just feel the emotion coming out of the artist, it’s real, genuine, honest, this is music at it’s finest.



Song: Sonder Son (Interlude)

Reason: Brent Faiayz a damn fool for this track. This song immediately puts you in the feels. This that looking out the window on a long bus ride home music. You’re going to want this song to be longer in length, but deep down you know it’s the perfect length. This is my favourite track on the tape.


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