Ranking The 10 Best Songs On “Drain Gang Compilation Tape”

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I’ve literally been listening to this tape everyday single day since its been dropped. I still can’t believe they actually released it. And when I mean “they” I mean Bladee, Thaiboy Digital and Ecco2k. There are so many outstanding moments on this tape. Specific moments in songs where your like wow, this is incredible. And yes, some people will listen to this and think it’s terrible. I get it, it’s a hit or miss, it’s polarizing and you know why?

Because all of these artists don’t sound like anybody other than themselves. Their original, fresh and can’t be compared. Now when it comes to me, that’s honestly refreshing. Back to the point at hand, the Drain Gang compilation has 17 tracks and I cut that down to give you, “Ranking The 10 Best Songs On “Drain Gang Compilation Tape.” It was hard, it was crazy, but here it is. Also if the song, “Plastic Surgery” was on this tape, it would have been number one. 100%.




Song: Wrong

Reason: There are two solo songs on the tape that Thaiboy Digital helms and one song where he’s the lead artist, but that song has a feature from Yung Lean. Between this song and the other solo song, “Climbing” this is the better of the two. What I really love about this song is how much of a callback this track is from his old song, “N1” on his old tape, “Tiger.” You have to be a real fan to truly appreciate this track. Also just the melody, it’s amazing.




Song: Nosebleed

Reason: The chemistry between Thaiboy Digital and Ecco2k is some type of magical. The way Thaiboy kills the first half of the song then Ecco2k comes out of nowhere and just bodies the damn thing. Now I don’t do cocaine, but Ecco2k melodically saying, “Two Keys Make My NoseBleed” is my favourite bar.




Song: Can’t Trust (Feat. Yung Lean)

Reason: S/o Yung Lean on this track. I know he’s not Drain Gang, but he was most definitely needed on this tape. His verse on this song is really the lead into Thaiboy Digital absolutely murdering the track. And murder the track he does, god damn. All of these artists, Lean included have all become so much more refined and melodic, it’s been amazing watching them grow. But man, Thaiboy Digital really rides the production on this track to levels unthought of.




Song: First Crush (Feat. Yung Lean)

Reason: Bladee sets the damn tone of the entire song with the opening bars then the production drop happens and it’s over. You’ve just joined the experience. Whitearmor production is always god level. But on the real, having Bladee, Yung Lean and Ecco2k on the same track is incredible. Needs to happen more.




Song: Numb/BeverlyHills

Reason: Ranking this song where its at is borderline disrespectful because on some days this track can go as high as the best song on the tape, but right now, not so much. Well, at least compared to the songs that will be coming up. But seriously no pun intended, but ever since the run of tracks Bladee was dropping into the lead way into dropping his debut album, “Ever Since” he has just been dropping fire after fire. And that trend did not stop on this tape. And this song and more songs from Bladee coming up showed that.




Song: Cinderella

Reason: Out of all the songs that are collaborative songs on this tape and feature a bunch of artists on a single track, this is by the far the best one. And yet again, a song on the tape has a callback to another old track. This time Ecco2k is doing the callback in the form of the lyric, “All I wanna see is 1080gs.” But he changes up his old lyric with a new spin. Again, you gotta be a real fan to appreciate the callback. If you don’t get it, Ecco2k has a song called, “Hold me down like gravity” and there’s the lyric, “All i wanna is see is 1080p, but reality keeps me on 240.” With that being said, this song is FIRE.




Song: Dumpster Baby

Reason: Melodic Bladee is top tier Bladee. Some days this song is better than “Suffocation” than some days “Suffocation is better than this song and I guess today’s that day. The fact that on the tape these two song are back to back is perfect. It really does make the most sense.




Song: Suffocation

Reason: This song has to me, the best moment of the entire tape. The second half of this song is just in one word beautiful. Its dark, it’s incredibly dark, don’t get me wrong, but it’s some type of beautiful. You can truly feel the hurt in Bladee’s voice, but seriously though, on this track from 1:25 to 2:31, Bladee just reaches a level of artistry that there’s no words to describe it.




Song: Happily Ever After

Reason: If there is one glaring thing to take away from this tape is that Ecco2k really needs to finally bless us with a tape of his own. Bladee has given us projects, Thaiboy Digital has given us projects, Yung Lean has given us projects, Ecco2k has yet to give us anything. Not even a little EP. He remains elusive and release singles when he feels like it and hops on tracks with the crew.




Song: Wickr Man

Reason: This song is a masterpiece. The production is a masterpiece, the vocals from Bladee is a masterpiece, the many incredible lines are amazing. Hearing this song reminded me of the first time I heard “Who Goes There” by Bladee. Out of all the songs on the tape, this song, just has it all. And if you couldn’t tell by the ranking, I’m a huge Bladee fan.


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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