Track By Track Album Review: PSLCD “LiamTheLion”

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PSLCD aka The Prodical Son of LSD is a rapper from Vancouver. A few days ago, on August 18, he released his album called, “LiamThe Lion.” It’s a 8 track album, that lasts just under 30 minutes long. His influences in music come from Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Wayne, Yelawolf, Kevin Gates and Hopsin. And after listening to his album, these influences are clear to me. With that being said, here’s a “Track By Track Album Review: PSLCD “Liam The Lion.”

Track: 1

Song: Stay Strong

Review: The song is a pretty good album opener. With piano keys in the production, it’s a nice touch to the opening track. With the hook being, “You just gotta stay strong” it’s the message that starts the album and sets the tone.

Track: 2

Song: Warriors (Feat. Loyal T)

Review: The first thing that hits you on this track is the fast flow. It compliments the really fast production perfectly. The melodic singing on the hook from Loyal T makes this a song you can hear on the radio. It’s a nice, warm track.

Track: 3

Song: Know What I’m About

Review: Right off the bat, it seems like a song a boxer would be listening to before a big fight. That’s what the production sounds like. This is the first time on the album where I can really hear PSLCD singing, showing us his vocal range on the hook. A lot of the album so far is just pure rapping, so singing on the hook is a nice touch and a change of pace

Track: 4

Song: Off The Ground (Feat. Tiffany Rivera)

Review: Talking about a change of pace, this song builds off of “Know What I’m About” and contiunes the new change in the direction on the album. The first three songs really came at you, so this slow down vibe is nice. There’s a lot of self reflecting on the album so far, but on this song that is exemplified. Tiffany Rivera on the hook adds a nice touch to the song.

Track: 5

Song: Fool For You

Review: The singing on this song really sounds like singing you would hear in an alt-rock band or borderline punk-pop. But something that really hit me on this track is the influence from Yelawolf. I can really see the similarities, but PSLCD does have his own unique sound. I really liked the low-fi production, like under water feel as well, very atmospheric.

Track: 6

Song: Blew My Mind (Feat. C-A)

Review: A song starting off with a female voice. Again, nice change of pace on the album.  I think the feature on the track got the best of PSLCD. Her voice is really good, reminds me a little of UK’s Dido. They definitely compliment each other on the track really well, but she kind of stole the show.

Track: 7

Song: Save Me

Review: Just like on the song “Fool For You” this song really sounds like an alt-rock song. You can really hear that genre influence on the hook of this song. I like it because I’m a fan of rock music, alt-rock, I’m a fan of all of that, so its cool that PSLCD adds that touch on the album.

Track: 8

Song: Abandon The Force

Review: The album finishes off in a way that makes the most sense. This song is a full song just full of raps. Not a single hook in sight, just PSLCD rapping. And if you are into lyrical rap, not only will you like this song, you’ll like this album.

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