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Palm Baker is an up and coming artist from Toronto. The city where I’m from. So watching his video and seeing parts of the city being represented is pretty refreshing. There really is something special going on in Toronto right now. There’s so many talented artists and producers really pushing the culture forward and Palm Baker looks like he’s next up to be the one to push it forward too.

He’s set to release his EP “Faces” on September 7 and before this release, Baker has decided to release the track, “L.A.” And there’s a lot to say on the track. It isn’t your contemporary Hip-Hop track, there’s a lot of Trance and electronic vibes to the single. It’s all over the place genre wise, but it meshes well together. There’s a certain energy to the track that is elevated by Baker’s vocals in the relation to the production.

And that shouldn’t be a surprise given that Baker produced the track himself. In an email Baker said,“I produced the track at 6am after an all nighter. I looked like a wreck but the city looked great.”

And that’s what the track really embodies. This weird fuzzy, hazy, emotion that’s all over the place, but in a great way. As much as Baker is only an up and coming artist, it’s clear that he knows what he’s doing and from this single and this video, I get the sense this is only the beginning of something great.

There’s also singing near the end of the song that shows Baker is most definitely multi-talented and has a lot to offer. The transition into the singing and the production change for me, is the highlight of the song. Which is dope because he produced the track and it’s his vocals, so that’s pretty amazing.

Additionally, Baker also said in the email,” The track was written, and recorded a few days later” which is hard to believe because it seems polished. Overall though, Toronto’s really flourishing as a hot bed for great talent right now and Baker is among that talent.

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