3 Years Later: Here’s The 10 Biggest Moments Of The Blog So Far

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It’s strange to think I’ve been doing this for three years now. Looking back on the three years, its felt like so much more than three years. This journey has taken so many different turns and so many different forms, it really is strange. I’m now a milestone away from hitting one million views and being done my milestone posts. I never thought I would get to this point, at least, any time soon.

Now I’m here. Three years later, I’m still here. And in these three years, there has been some massive moments. True defining moments of the blog. Some notable moments that aren’t included; Getting a media pass for Wayhome 2017, continuing to get media passes for Canadian Music Week and Manifesto in 2017. Getting a media pass for NXNE 2017. A$AP Rocky retweeting my article about him and interviewing Goldlink for The 405. There are definitely more moments missing, but here it is.

Now finally with that being said, “Here’s the 10 Biggest Moments Of The Blog So Far.” These moments are in chronological order from when I started my blog until now.


The Moment: When I hit 10,000 views in my first month (August 2016)

The Reason: August 2016 was my first month of blogging. I had already reached about 3,000 views, so for me to say, let’s try and get 10,000 views by the end of the summer, it was pretty god damn bold. I had only one week of blogging under my belt, but by the end of August, I reached 10,000 views. The very first milestone in a journey filled with a lot of them. It made me realize it was possible to really start a goal and to be able to reach it. In truth, this moment set the stage.


The Moment: Getting 25,000 views in one month (October 2016)

The Reason: After my August high of hitting 10,000 views, I went into the very first slump of my blogging career. I mean realistically speaking, hitting 7,000 views in one month for someone who has never blogged before, it’s a success, but my goals are bigger. And It was a slump in my eyes. And in October, I somehow jumped ahead of any expectations I had and managed to pull 25,000 views in one month. This pushed me ahead of where I thought I would be in the months ahead. It was the first time I realized it was possible that one single posts can make a massive difference and generate a ton of traffic. It was at this moment I realized, anything is possible.


The Moment: Generating 35,000 views in back to back months (February 2015/March 2015)

The Reason: This was a game changer. If I was ranking these moments in terms of most important moments, instead of chronological order, this would rank number one. In January of 2015, the month before these moments, I managed to get 8,000 views. My lowest amount of traffic since September 2014 when I got 7,000 views. It was a massive disappointment. It felt like a huge step back. I was pretty depressed about things because at this time, all I wanted was to hit 100,000 views, but it seemed so far away.

And yet it happened in a blink of an eye. Getting 70,000 views in two months pushed me to 100,000 views and I thought I was done. I had set out to do what I wanted to do. The blog reached 100,000 views. From 10,000 views to 100,000 views. The journey was over, but I realized something. If I can get 100,000 views, maybe I can get to one million and so I kept going.


The Moment: 49,000 views in a single month (August 2015)

The Reason: By this time, the blog was doing out of this world numbers. I had over 300,00 views and the prospect of hitting a half a million views was the next goal that I wanted. Things really progressed fast in 2015, but everything that I had been working toward all year climaxed in August of 2015. The stars really did align and thanks to Drake and Meek Mill’s beef and sweet beautiful, SEO, the blog nearly hit 50,000 views in one month. I knew in this moment, I had reached a different kind of level of success. This was the moment I truly knew this wasn’t a hobby and I was a blogger. It was a true defining moment.


The Moment: 34,000 views in 1 day (February 2016)

The Reason: As I’ve said before, I knew anything was possible and with SEO and proper ranking, anything truly is possible. When Drake dropped “Summer Sixteen” my article was number one ranked on Google. And because of this, I broke a record that still stands today. I hit 34,000 views in 24 hours. This would be an amazing amount of traffic for a month, let alone a god damn day. All in all, I ended the month with 90,000 views. This stands as my highest recorded day and highest recorded month.


The Moment: The First Media Pass (Canadian Music Week 2016)

The Reason: There’s an R-Kelly interview where he talked about the moment where he finally felt like he truly made it as an artist, as a legend in the music industry. It was when he saw a YouTube video of Michael Jackson singing and dancing to his song “Ignition Remix” in a car. It was at this moment R-Kelly knew he had made it. As much as generating traffic and hitting milestones has done a lot for my confidence moving forward as a blogger, it wasn’t until my first media pass where I felt like I made it. Where I felt like I was finally recognized for everything that I was doing. Since this first media pass, I’ve gotten more, but this set the stage and showed me I made it.


The Moment: Hitting 500,000 views (February 2016)

The Reason: Halfway to the big goal, hitting 500,000 was massive. I shouldn’t even still was massive, it’s still massive. All of this is massive. But to hit half a million in less than two years was incredible. The amount of traffic I generated in 2015 and 2016 was ridiculous. I’m still generating good traffic, but with getting a job and with school, things dipped a little, so in 2015 and 2016, I was in full force and took full advantage of it.


The Moment: Covering Two Music Festivals In September 2016 (Manifesto 2016 & TURF 2016)

The Reason: I had covered Canadian Music Week in May of 2016 and I had the opportunity to cover a NXNE show, but other than that, It was pretty quiet. Because I was still new to the idea of covering festivals, I didn’t apply to Wayhome 2016 or Veld 2016, I never took the idea of applying seriously. But things changed. I had volunteered for Manifesto in 2014 and 2015, so in 2016, I decided to apply for a media pass and surely enough I actually got it. I just recently covered the 2017 edition.

It’s cool to go from volunteering to being media. A nice jump. It’s sad that there wasn’t a TURF festival this yer, but It was really fun in 2016. Seeing Jimmy Eat World was lit. By the end of 2016, getting media passes was something precious, but also normal. I knew I was capable of getting that type of coverage and I took that with me in 2017.


The Moment: Becoming A Contributing Writer For The 405 (January 2017)

The Reason: I told myself heading into 2017 that I had gotten media passes, I’ve generated a ton of traffic, I’ve done a lot for myself on this website. It was finally time to branch out and write and pitch for other websites. I had become a Contributing Writer for Artistic Manifesto, to which I’m grateful for and I’m glad I’m still technically apart of the team, but I felt like I wanted something more. And with The 405, I’ve gotten that more that I’ve wanted. I’ve interviewed major artists, I’ve gotten opinion pieces published. It’s an amazing feeling.


The Moment: Hitting 900,000 views (March 2017)

The Reason: This is the truly the final, real milestone. Because my final milestone is the ender, there’s nothing more to it, but when I hit 900,000 views, I knew it was going to be the last time I’d be really collecting my thoughts on the journey. Hitting 900,000 views in less than three years is something I don’t even have the words to explain. Considering I’m the only person who runs this website, the only person to make the content, it’s amazing to me how much I pushed this blog to where it is now.

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From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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