10 Years Later: Passion Pit Showed They’re Still Killing It At NXNE 2017

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In 2007, In Cambridge, Massachusetts, five people came together to create a band. Michael Angelakos, Aaron Harrison Folk, Giuliano Pizzulo and Ray Suen came together to create Passion Pit. And 10 years later, In 2017, they’re still together, still making music and still performing. On June 25, Passion Pit headlined the final day of NXNE 2017 at Port Lands in Toronto.

For me personally, I was pretty excited to say the least. I’ve been listening to Passion Pit for years now, but I’ve never seen them live. Their album “Gossamer” is a classic and one of my favourites albums. Its pretty crazy because when I listen to the album now, it still sounds fresh, but next month, it’s going to be having its five-year anniversary.

And talking about anniversaries, In 2019, Passion Pit’s first album, “Manners” will be having it’s 10 year anniversary, so for the band, these special moments are starting to come up for them. Now the last time they had even performed was back in October of 2014, so this was the first show for them in a very long time, but they sounded as fresh as ever.




Honestly though, at times, the lead singer Michael Angelakos’s voice did crack a little here and there, but I really coudln’t blame him. The band hadn’t performed in a long time and after getting through some songs, he was starting to feel it. The band ran through classics tracks like, “Sleepyhead,” “Carried Away, ” and “Lifted Up (1985)” it was amazing. I’d been hearing these songs for years, but to see them live was something else.

Now as much as the crowd at NXNE 2017 could have been better, Passion Pit definitely brought the crowd together to finish off the festival for the year. Their was dancing and singing, it was a momentous occasion and I was glad to be apart of it. And then they performed my favourite cut “Constant Conversations” and it was dream turned reality.

And I don’t care what anyone says, your opinion may differ, but to me “Constant Conversation” is the best Passion Pit song. The production, the vocals, it honestly encompasses why I’m such a fan of theirs. It’s the perfect song. And listen to the crowd in the video, we were all into it. We were all passionatly together in the large pit of a crowd singing along.




Now 10 years ago, Michael Angelakos, Aaron Harrison Folk, Giuliano Pizzulo and Ray Suen came together to create Passion Pit. 10 years later, they were all on stage together to close off NXNE 2017. They played old songs, they played relatively new songs and the crowd knew it all. 10 Years Later, Passion Pit showed at NXNE 2017, they’re still killing it.


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