Ranking All 11 Songs On Lorde’s New Album “Melodrama”

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I didn’t she would do it. I didn’t think Lorde could drop another incredible, masterpiece of an album like “Pure Heroine” but she did it. With Melodrama, Lorde showed us that her amazing album wasn’t a fluke and she is her to stay. To me, she’s now 2 for 2. Back to back classic albums. Don’t get me wrong, I love the song Green Light and I was expecting another amazing album, but man did she deliver more than I thought she would.

As a fan, I decided not to listen to any more of her songs that she dropped after Green Light. I wanted to save myself for when the album dropped, so I didn’t listen to Sober and Perfect Places and stopped playing Green Light. A part of me was kind of scared to listen to the album when it dropped. I guess I didn’t want to be disappointed. But man, was I wrong. Sonically and vocally, the album is better than Pure Heroine, but It’s too early to say which is better, but I did notice that.

The album seems more polished and Lorde definitely seems more confident. And when it comes to the songs, there isn’t a single skippable song. I’m also incredible happy that the album just has 11 songs. I’m tired of all these artists dropping 15-20 song albums just to boost their streaming numbers, like just deliver us some good music. With that being said, here’s “Ranking All 11 Songs On Lorde’s Melodrama.”


Song: Homemade Dynamite

Reason: This song is just an alright song. I like the bomb sound Lorde makes at the end, but the song isn’t really strong to me. I love the production on the track though.


Song: Sober

Reason: I’ve listened to the album over and over and over again, from start to finish and out of the 11 songs, this song is the second weakest. Now It’s not to the say the song isn’t good, it’s just in comparison to all of the other songs. The song is still incredible and the horns on the chorus are great, but I don’t know, it doesn’t have that feeling that makes me immediately come back to the track.


Song: Green Light

Reason: This song set the stage for the album, but it most definitely isn’t among the best songs on the album. I love the god damn chorus though, but it gets a little repetitive. Another positive about this song though is the ending, I love the outro, but overall, it just isn’t a strong song on the album.


Song: Sober II (Melodrama)

Reason: The production on this song is out of this world is incredible. Lorde’s really not even singing on this song, she’s borderline rapping and she’s swearing too. This is not Pure Heroine Lorde, this is Melodrama Lorde. The beat drop in the middle of the song too is just pure flames.


Song: Supercut

Reason: This song feels it would be in a coming of age movie. Honestly, this whole album is incredible cinematic and listening to the album feels like you’re listening to a soundtrack of a movie, but this song in particular feels like riding your bike in the summertime with your friends. Just has that sunny time, coming of age type movie vibe for me.


Song: Liability

Reason: I thought this song was incredible and then I heard the other Liability song, “Liability (Reprise) and that’s even better, but this is incredible. When it comes to me as a music listener, I love strong vocals and Lorde comes through in this song. And I love piano ballads. This song is 10/10 but it lands at the #6 spot.


Song: Perfect Places

Reason: What a fantastic fucking song. Like honestly, what an outstanding track. This is like nostalgic Lorde. If gives off happy Pure Heroine vibes, but it feels so 2017. This is one of those songs that remind you why you like Lorde. It’s such anthem song, such a great song, just overall amazing.


Song: Writer In The Dark

Reason: In terms of vocals, this song really highlights how amazing Lorde’s vocals are. This song is Adele level amazing and the songwriting is amazing too. You would’t believe how young Lorde is when you hear a song like this. Its like she’s lived so much of life already. It’s powerful.


Song: Hard Feelings/Loveless

Reason: 6 minutes and 7 seconds of pure amazingness. That’s what this song is. Hard…Feelings….. OF LOVEEEE. Just a classic track. Just a 10/10 classic track and then it transitions into Loveless. Man, I wish loveless was a lot longer than it was, but it’s just too good.


Song: The Louvre

Reason: BROADCAST THE BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM AND MAKE EM ALL DANCE TO IT. What more do I need to say, this might end up being my favourite Lorde lyric of all time. This is what happens when you take a risk and you’re rewarding handsomely. It’s so unexpected too, this lyric. The song is so loud and hype and then it calms down with Lorde saying that. I love this track. Once I heard this track I knew the album was going to  be amazing.


Song: Liability (Reprise)

Reason: What can I say? I have played this song over 1 billion times already. I love this song, just like I love this album. It’s crazy how I started college in 2013 when Lorde dropped Pure Heroine and now I just graduated college and she drops this album. “But You’re Not Who You Thought You Are” Lorde sings on this song. It’s amazing, it’s introspective, it’s why I’m a Lorde stan. Lorde is 2 for 2.




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