Here’s The 5 Greatest Moments Of The Ottawa Senators 2017 Playoff Run

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I wanted to write this piece sooner, but I guess I’ve finally come to peace with how the season ended. We lost a heartbreaking loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins in-game 7 in Double OT. It doesn’t get more tragic than that. We were one lucky bounce, one goal away from being in the final, but that’s not what life had in mind. Regardless of that, what an incredible run it was.

Boston was leading 3-1 in the 2nd game in the 3rd period of Round 1 and I really thought it was over. I thought we were going to lose both games at home and that was it. The Bruins were going to eventually win the series, but then the Senators did what they always do. They proved me wrong. We ended up winning that series in 6 games. Our first playoff series win since 2013.

Then in-game 5 of the 2nd series against the New York Rangers, we were down 2-0. We had just lost back to back games and the series was tied 2-2.  By all accounts, by the media, the Rangers had figured out the system. Our run was over, but then the Senators did what they always do. They proved me wrong and they proved everyone wrong. We ended up coming back 2-0 in game 5 and won in overtime, eventually winning the series in 6.

For the first time in 10 years, we were in the Eastern Conference Final. I couldn’t believe it. And yet it was true. They said the Penguins were going to sweep us. But we won game 1, so I guess they were going to beat us in 5. We may have lost in 7, but when you look back on it, we didn’t lose at all. The Ottawa Senators proved everybody wrong and they gave everything they had, it truly was one of the greatest runs of all time. The comebacks, The OT Winners, it was everything. With that being said, “Here’s The 5 Greatest Moments Of The Ottawa Senators 2017 Playoff Run.”


Reason: This was the tying goal in-game 2 of round 1 against the Boston Bruins. We were down 3-1 in the 3rd period, If we had lost this game, we would have been down 2-0 in the series heading to Boston. This goal saved our playoff run and of course, it was set up by Erik Karlsson.


Reason: Finding out Clarke MacArthur was coming back this year and actually playing was amazing. I couldn’t believe it was even true. They had shut him down for the year and yet, in-game 6, MacArthur scored the series clinching goal against the Bruins. I just got goosebumps tying that. It was pure magic.


Reason: This was a must win against the New York Rangers. If we had lost this game, we would have gone to Madison Square Garden facing elimination. Instead, we won the game and clinched the series in New York.


Reason: The Pittsburgh Penguins were supposed to sweep us in 4. They were supposed to beat us in 5 games. The Penguins destroyed us 7-0 and were supposed to come to Ottawa to clinch the series and yet, there it was. Hoffman scoring the game winning goal to push the series to 7. We had done the impossible and pushed the Penguins to the brink. Yes, we didn’t complete what we could have done, but win game 7 or lose game 7, all I wanted was for us not to lose at home and we didn’t do that.


Reason: If there was one moment, one game that really showed who the Ottawa Senators were, hell, if they were was one player who showed the world what the Senators were all about, it was Jean-Gabriel Pagaeu. In game 2 against the New York Rangers, we were down 3-1 and then we were down 5-3. We never died. We never quit and we kept going. And then Pagaeu capped off the night with the OT Winner. Looking back at all these moments, regardless of the fact that we lost, I was glad I was apart of this incredible run. Till next year!


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