Everybody Needs To Listen To Danger Incorporated “World Wide Web EP”

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The best musical finds are the ones that really just come out of nowhere. There are great musical finds that happen when you’re searching the internet for new music, but I swear the music that really finds you randomly ends up always being amazing. With Danger Incorporated’s “World Wide Web EP” that was the case for me.

I think someone who I randomly follow on Twitter retweeted the song “Atlanta Neighborhood” by Danger Incorporated and I’m alright, this kinda looks dope, let me click the link. And it was immediately lit.



The video perfectly incapsulates the song and once I heard the Yung Lean line, I knew I ended up finding a dope new group. Now once this song peaked my interest, I checked out more of their music, as I always do when my musical interest gets peaked. I found out they released an EP called, “World Wide Web” in 2016. Looks like I’ve been sleeping on them, but hey, better late than never. This video just dropped though.

Now the whole vibe of the tape in comparison to other artists is like Jai Paul, Majid Jordan, Spooky Black (Corbin), Bobby Raps and The Standard, but it’s still very organic and original. I think it kind of sucks to compare new artist to other artist, but if you mess with any of the artists I named, you’ll definitely like this group. The tape has five songs; “Offline”, “Atlanta Neighbourhood”, “Body”, “World Wide Web” and finally, “Online.”

I’m been playing the tape for the past few days and I don’t really have a favourite song at this point. Every song is amazing and has its own uniqueness to it. This group signed to Awful Records, so Awful really got one with this group. But if I really had to pick a favourite song, it’s right now “Online.”



On the song, “Online” the vocals just knock with the production once it starts. Song is an instant classic off first listen. I should note that the group consists of Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord. But just to make it more clear for you, the white dude is Duffelbags and the black dude is boothlord. Back to which though, Duffelbags floats on “Online” and as of now, it’s definitely my favourite track on the EP. It’s honestly an all around amazing tape and it’s a refreshing tape too. Trust me when I say, “Everybody Needs To Listen To Danger Incorporated “World Wide Web EP.”

Stream the EP by clicking here.


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