Is Scripting And Momentum Really In FIFA Games?

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The concept of scripting and momentum has been the number one hot topic discussion in EA Sports FIFA Series for years now. If you search about it on Google, you’ll find forum pages discussing the controversy every year it seems, with each new passing game in the series. There’s even a Reddit post in the FIFA Reddit titled, “Why do people still deny there’s scripting/momentum?”

For me personally, I only took notice of the issue in the newest edition of the series; FIFA 17. And I’ll admit, I truly believe that these things are in the game, but before we get into that, what exactly is scripting and momentum?

For those who don’t play the game, scripting is feeling that you have no control of the game no matter what you do. It’s as if the game result or certain situations have already been written. For example, when someone lobs the ball over an opposing last defender and gets his attacker to run by the defender and that defender acts really slow, that’s scripting. The problem is the computer defender acts slow just before you switch to be the last defender and before you know it, you’re scored on.

Now this is an example of scripting because you have no control over how dumb your defenders being. That’s apart of the game. This issue is easy to spot and there are many YouTube videos showing this exact problem or something similar. On the other hand, the problem with momentum is that it’s impossible to prove because it’s more of a feeling and can’t be caught on camera. The funny thing about this controversy is that In FIFA 09, there really was something called momentum and EA Sports fully explained it.

In promoting the game, EA Sports said “Football is a game of momentum, and FIFA 09 captures this perfectly! If you give up an important goal, beware as the onslaught may be forthcoming. When the momentum shifts away from you in the game, your players are slower, they make more passing/trapping mistakes, and they are easier to knock off the ball. Several times we have seen a comfortable 2-0 game turn into a 3-2 defeat as the CPU goes on a 5 minute tear.”

All of the things EA Sports said in 2009 about FIFA are the same issues and problems that fans of the games have been complaining about for years. How it feels like the game is shifting away from you, how when you’re leading 2-0, you feel like the game is out to get you and everything is going bad. The problem is that EA Sports have completely denied that momentum is still in the game.

In 2015, during the promotion run of FIFA 16, Aaron Hardy, one of the game producers denied the existence of scripting and momentum. Hardy said that he has seen many YouTube videos and that they still don’t prove anything. To players all around the world that play this game, they aren’t buying it. The controversy surrounding scripting and momentum even got so bad that EA Sports banned people from forums that were discussing it. And I’ll be honest, it all seems crazy.

It all seems like something a sore loser would say, that the game isn’t in my control or the game is messed up, but honestly, I’ve been there. I’ve felt the momentum in the game. I’ve been in a game where I felt like it was completely shifted to my opponent. I’ve seen my computer defenders do things that cost me goals, cost me a penalty shot and ruin the chances of me wining. I’ve even been on the positive side of scripting and momentum where I’ve felt the game is on my side.

The problem is when it’s not on your side, It’s frustrating and upsetting and until EA Sports really makes FIFA players believe it’s not in the games, in a complete, clear way, the controversy will rage on forever.


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