Ranking The 4 Singles The Migos Dropped For “Culture”

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The Migos second studio album, “Culture” will be dropping officially dropping tomorrow. If you have Apple Music, you’re getting it at 11pm with the Apple Music stimulus package. Real ones know. Since announcing the album, The Migos have dropped four singles to support the album, “Bad and Boujee”, “T-Shirt”, “Call Casting” and “What The Price.” In honour of the album finally coming out, here’s “Ranking The 4 Singles The Migos Dropped For “Culture.”


Song : T-Shirt

Album : Culture

Reason : It’s not this song is terrible, but one of these songs had be 4th on this list and this song had to be that song. In comparison with the other songs, this song falls flat. The music video is fire flames though.


Song : Call Casting

Album : Culture

Reason : Again, because the list is so tight, this song had be be 3rd on the list. It’s definitely a harder track than “T-Shirt” so it’s ahead of that song, but not deserving of a higher place.


Song : Bad And Boujee

Album : Culture

Reason : This song is a 10/10 classic. The debate still rages about if Lil Uzi Vert adds to the song or ruins it, but it doesn’t matter, the song is too fire. Meme’s aside, this song deserved to blow up.


Song : What The Price

Album : Culture

Reason : I honestly made this article just to talk about this track. This song is so fire it’s almost ridiculous. Hit after hit after hit and The Migos drop this. It’s not even fair anymore to anyone else right now rapping. If these four songs are any indiction of how incredible “Culture” is going to be, it’s very much lit.


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