We Need Spooky Black (Corbin) To Make A Return To Music In 2017

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On December 15, 2014, Spooky Black informed the world that he was changing his stage name to his real name Corbin. He subsequently released the track “Worn” following this news. I expected him to have a big 2015 and to continue releasing music.

Looking back on 2014, the year was massive for him. He released his two projects, “Black Silk” and “Leaving.” He also dropped a collaborated project with Bobby Raps, Allan Kingdom and Psymun called “The Stand4rd.” With the Stand4rd, he went on a successful tour that sold out all seven of the shows. Because of that, I thought he was going to build upon 2014 and continue into 2015, but I was wrong.

It’s January 2017 and Spooky Black (Corbin) hasn’t released a song as a lead artist since “Worn.” He did drop something in 2015 though, but it was barely anything. In the summer of 2015, Corbin and Bobby Raps released “Couch Potato” a collaborative project. The tape features more of Raps than it does Corbin.

Now you can kind of flip it and say from 2014 to 2015, a lot of music was released to the point where it makes up for this drought. The Black Silk EP had 10 songs, The Leaving EP had 8 songs, The Stand4rd had 11 songs and finally Couch Potato had 6 songs. In total, from April 2014 to June 2015, Corbin dropped or was together in 35 songs. This does seem like a lot, but in reality, it isn’t.

Because of streaming, artists that drop albums are now putting upwards of 12-16 songs on their projects to bolster their streaming numbers and that’s not even including some artists who have bonus tracks and deluxe editions. When Corbin dropped his track “Worn” Apple Music and Tidal didn’t even exist. I have a huge feeling that when he does finally end up dropping music, it will be a lot of tracks just like his musical counterparts.

There is also the change of pace that’s happened since Corbin has released music. We’re getting music in a much faster time frame than before. For example, The Weeknd dropped two full length projects in almost a year span. It also feels like Drake has dropped 500 projects in the past two years and everyday it seems like some new artist is dropping a surprise album.

As fans, when we see this we expect this to be the norm now, so artists who actually keep to themselves and take time on their crafts going months or years without dropping, it’s alarming to us now. Remember the whole Frank Ocean situation? Now as much as I want Corbin to take his time and to make the best music he can possibly make, I think it’s finally time that he makes a return to music. R&B needs a fresh voice in 2017.


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