You Need To Start Listening To Kevin Abstract’s Album “American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story”

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48 hours ago, I never listened to Kevin Abstract’s music or even knew who he was. Nobody I know listens to him either. So he basically didn’t exist in my world, this all changed because of the website Hypebeast.

They posted an article with a video called, “Tyler, The Creator & Jaden Smith Hangout with Kevin Abstract.” Being a huge fan of Tyler and Jaden, I was like why not watch the video. So I watched the six-minute video.

As I’m watching the video, I find out that Abstract hosted a free show in LA called the ‘All-American Drive-In Prom.’ The free show was documented in a short film and that’s what I was watching. Then I find out along Abstract, The Neighbourhood performed too, among others as well. Now The Neighbourhood made the song “Sweater Weather”  and it’s a classic, so if they were there, this was worth watching.

As I continued watching the video, I found out that Abstract’s venue reached capacity and not everybody could get in, I was like damn, this man got dedicated fans, even though it was free, he still had a wild amount of fans, so I was like I need to check him out. Once the video ended, that’s exactly what I did on YouTube and found his song, “Echo.”

The cinematography of the video was the first thing that caught my eye. Abstract clearly has a vision and the whole helmet thing and the vocals in the song gave me some Frank Ocean vibes, so I become impressed and had to know more. I went straight to Apple Music and found out Abstract recently dropped his sophomore album called, “American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story.”

I’ll be honest, since I never heard of Abstract before, his lyrical content on his album took me a bit back. I later searched and found out that he’s bisexual. The only thing that shocks me about this is that you would think this would have been some major news like Ocean coming out was, but It hasn’t been. For me at least, because I never knew he existed until now. Maybe it was, I still got researching to do.

Now like Ocean, I don’t care about dude’s sexuality, if the music is good, the music is good and listening to his sophomore album, it was clear that he’s worth listening to. If you’re a fan of Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino, you’re going to like him right off the rip. If you’re a fan of Kid Cudi as well, you’ll enjoy this guys music too.

His whole album gives off  vibes of those artists, but it’s also unique too that he’s definitely his own artist too. The production on the album is incredible as well. At first glance if you do check out the album, you’re probably going to be like damn 16 songs, but it’s only 38 minutes long, so it’s actually not long at all.

And If you aren’t a fan of those artist that I named, checking out Abstract’s music isn’t going to kill you. If you don’t like him, you don’t like him, but I genuinely think you will if you’re reading this. So, do I as I say and start listening. Maybe you just found a new artist to like.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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