Netflix’s “Black Mirror” Is The Modern Day Version Of The Twilight Zone

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The Twilight Zone series is hands down one of the greatest shows of all time. Every episode had an ending that had me in shambles.

Each episode had me almost completely change my perspective on life. Whether it was the episode  “Where Is Everybody?” or “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” The Twilight Zone had me questioning everything. Rod Serling was an still is an absolute genius for The Twilight Zone. I even made a piece a long awhile ago called, “10 Episodes Of The Twilight Zone That You Have To Watch.”

Now when it comes to Netflix’s “Black Mirror” it’s easy to see The Twilight Zone comparisons right off the bat. It’s an anthology series just like The Twilight Zone, which means that every episode is different. In the new season of Black Mirror, there’s six brand new episodes. And after watching episodes from the show, people are already seeing The Twilight Zone in it.

And this is one of those rare cases where The Twilight Zone is actually being represented in a great light within Black Mirror. It’s not a total copy or in the same vein as the show, it’s just refreshingly similar to the point of homage, which is what it needs to be. Nobody wants Black Mirror to just be another Twilight Zone, people want Black Mirror to be just as amazing, if not better.

But The Twilight Zone is The Twilight Zone. It’s a cult classic of a show that will stand the test of time and has stood the test of time, but the fact that Black Mirror has come to be compared to it, is a success. And Black Mirror has the right to be compared to the show because each episode of Black Mirror will strike a cord within your human spirit.

It will make you question all that is around you and it will leave you reeling. Each episode of Black Mirror will have you in shambles just like The Twilight Zone did for me and millions of other fans. I’ve already been on Reddit and Twitter and Kanye To The trying to understand what some of the episodes really meant.

And if you’ve never watched The Twilight Zone and you’re interested in getting into it because of watching Black Mirror than do it. Just make sure it’s the 1960s version. Now If you still don’t know what Black Mirror is then watch the trailer below. Trust me when I say, Netflix has got another one.


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