The Struggle Of Deleting Data Off Your Phone To Take Photos And Videos At A Concert Is Real

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You know how it goes. You lineup for the concert and you wait to get in. Then when you finally get in, you check to find your seat or maybe its general admission and you try to get to the front. Then the opening act starts and you start SnapChatting or now, you start Instagram snap chatting, but you’re still unaware you don’t have that much data on your phone to take videos or photos.

After showing the world your at a concert with Instagram and Snapchat, you go into your phone and start takings photos and videos. Maybe for memory sake or to post in Instagram later, but somethings wrong. You open your camera and it states “No Available Space” or something along those lines. And you realize, you don’t have any data on your phone to take photos or videos. You’re in straight shambles.

And we’ve all been there. I own a 16g iPhone, making sure I have space is of the utmost importance when I see a concert. Now when you realize you don’t have any space, you know that hard decisions are going to have to be made. Which photos will you delete? Which videos will you delete? Will you delete songs off your phone? All of these thoughts are hitting your brain meanwhile the artist you want to see is almost coming on.

You finally figure things out and you got some space on your phone. It’s finally lit. You start recording some videos. You start taking some photos. You go back into Snapchat and start recording again. Life can’t get any better, but just like that your back to square one. You have no space again. Now this only happens if you don’t delete a lot of things, but still, it happens, it happens to me all the time.

You now have to delete some more stuff. You start rubbing sweat off your forehead because it’s getting real at this point. You again figure it out and your back to enjoying your life. Once the concert is finally done, you go home and start posting your videos and photos on Instagram. When the day is finally done and your ready to sleep, you tell yourself you will never put yourself in that position again. But deep down you know you will. And you’ll hate yourself for it, but it is what is.


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