The Rise And Rise Of Daniel Caesar

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Seeing Daniel Caesar at Manifesto’s 10 year anniversary concert at TD Beach wasn’t the first time I’d seen him live. In fact, this was the 2nd festival I’d seen him performing at. Way back In June of this year, Caesar performed at NXNE. And I was there.

The interesting part is, In Toronto and honestly, everywhere, Caesar isn’t that relatively known yet. He definitely has Soundcloud plays, having songs that are in the 100,000 of plays, he’s also been given Apple Music and online publication coverage, but if you go up to 10 people and say do you know who Daniel Caesar is? The percentage of people is still not that high.

So seeing him perform at a stage at NXNE, an annual festival in Toronto, that’s a pretty major festival in Toronto was interesting to say the least. I mean don’t get me wrong, he makes great music, but I felt like his rise to already doing festivals was pretty fast. Oddly fast, but if Toronto is supporting it’s own, then how can I be mad at that? Then again, Caesar isn’t actually from Toronto, he’s from Oshawa.

Now this past September, I was blessed enough to receive Media Accreditation for the Manifesto’s festival in Toronto. And the show that I decided to cover was the 10 year anniversary concert at TD Beach featuring Anderson Paak and Kaytranada with Daniel Caesar opening. The 2nd time I’d be seeing Caesar in the span on months.



The difference between his NXNE performance and his Manifesto performance was that he went from a minor stage to the main stage. Instead of performing at another stage, he was on the main stage as an opening act. From June to September, that’s quite a jump. In an age where it seems like Toronto has become this hotbed for new acts to take over the world, it is amazing to see an artist like Caesar take advantage of that.

When the world thinks of Toronto, all it thinks about musically is The Weeknd and Drake. As time goes on, just like in sports, the greats of our time eventually have to move on and the new generation comes to takes it place. And even though, Caesar rise has been quick to say the least, it’s at least good to know that Toronto has more talent than just Mr OVO and Mr XO.

And if Caesar is being positioned by certain people into the light of these festivals, maybe more artists in Toronto needs this to happen too. If not, then let’s clap for him for his success. Because Toronto is so much more bigger than just The Weeknd and Drake.


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