It’s 2016 : Stop Talking About “The Trilogy” And Just Enjoy The Weeknd’s New Music

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Today The Weeknd announced a new album called, “Starboy.” In addition to this news, he released the self titled lead single tonight through Apple Music. A new chapter in The Weeknd’s career has begun, but for some people, they are still stuck in the past. Some people are still stuck in the Trilogy era.

And if you somehow don’t know what I mean by Trilogy, I’m talking about House Of Balloons, Thursday and finally Echoes Of Silence. The first 3 projects The Weeknd ever released all put together in one album. Now even though all of these tapes don’t even sound the same, people act like they do.

Even though, every single chapter of The Weeknd’s catalogue is different, people act like the “The Trilogy” was something so magical, which is was, that they can’t accept anything after it. They can’t accept “Kiss Land” and they can’t accept “Beauty Behind The Madness” and now, they probably can’t accept “Starboy.”

The truth is, Balloons doesn’t sound like Thursday and Thursday doesn’t sound like Echoes. All of these tapes don’t sound like Kiss Land and Kiss Land doesn’t sound like Beauty Behind The Madness. And sure enough, Starboy doesn’t sound like Beauty Behind The Madness.

The only reason why people are stuck in the “Trilogy Era” is because of the nostalgia of it all. This was a brand new sound that was never heard before, but you have to get over yourself. That was 2011. That was 5 years ago. It’s 2016.

Now a lot of the fans of The Weeknd aren’t like this though, me included. I think Kiss Land is criminally underrated, I think Beauty Behind The Madness served its purpose showing that The Weeknd has the talent to be a superstar and he was validated by that album and the reception. I’ve continued to enjoy his music after the Trilogy. Just like millions of his other fans have too.

And I’ll agree, the Trilogy was an incredible chapter in The Weeknd’s catalogue, but an artist needs to grow. And for the fans, who continue to talk about the Trilogy, I’m speaking to you. You have to stop associating everything to the Trilogy. It’s getting old. It’s getting tiresome. Maybe you never really liked The Weeknd.

Maybe you just loved that time in your life and the Trilogy was apart of it. Either way you spin it, get over yourself. You’re not some original fan whose sticking true to The Weeknd’s original sound by not liking his new music. You’re just a fan stuck in a time that you can’t get out of because you have it in your mind that The Weeknd hasn’t gotten better even though, you can clearly hear the progressions in his new songs.

And honestly, Jay Z said it best, “Niggas want my old shit, buy my old albums.” If you don’t like The Weeknd now, listen to his old music, just stop talking about his new music. If you do like him though, It’s 2016, stop talking about the Trilogy and just enjoy The Weeknd’s new music. For the love of god. 


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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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