How “P3” Is PartyNextDoor’s Make Or Break Album

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PartyNextDoor is currently in a stagnant position as an artist.

What does that mean?

This means that he can continue to sell out the same venues when he announces a tour and he can generate roughly the same amount of numbers if he dropped an album, but no artist wants this. Every artist wants to grow.

When he dropped “PartyNextDoor Two” he generated in the first-week sales, 15,924 copies. In comparison to his self titled debut, he sold 2,000 copies in its first week. Considering his debut tape and sophomore tape were dropped in back to back years, 2013 than 2014, there was a little growth in first week numbers. Still, those numbers aren’t exactly stellar.

You can forgive the first week sales for his debut tape because he was relatively unknown, but a lot of people looked at his numbers for his sophomore tape and shook their head. This is an artist whose signed to Drake. A lot more was expected, but still, it was what it was, but because of that, the pressure on “P3” has become huge.

And PartyNextDoor knows that. He dropped tapes in back to back years, but stopped. It took him 2 years to release “P3.” And in this time, he had his own solo tour. His first tour being the “Would You Like A Tour” with Drake, Miguel and Jhene Aiko in 2013.

Adding all of those things up, being on the Would You Like A Tour allowed him to go on a solo tour, because he was exposed to new fans, who eventually bought his solo tour tickets, but what about now?

How can we gauge where he’s at now? That’s what first week numbers will tell us. How much more fans has he gathered? Because like I said, he can continue to sell out the same venues when he announces a tour and he can generate roughly the same amount of numbers if he dropped an album, but no artist wants this.

If PartyNextDoor were to generate around 15-20 thousand views for “P3” in first week sales, it would be unacceptable. It would show no growth. If he announced a tour for his album, “P3” and picked the same venues he did for his solo tour, it would show no growth.

He can do all of these things and he can be making money, but like I said, he would just be stagnant. The only way he can evolve from this state, is the success from “P3.” And I know it sounds over dramatic to say that this album is make or break, but it honestly is. He needs this album to sell. His competitions Bryson Tiller really killed it with “Trap Soul.”

I mean PartyNextDoor’s own label, OVO Sound tried to sign Tiller. Which I think is incredibly weird. Tiller and Him are in the same lane, why would OVO try to sign him? Makes no sense to me, but back to what I was saying though, Tiller is killing it. His tape, “Trap Soul” is already platinum, albeit, because of streaming, but still. Numbers are numbers and they matter. Party needs “P3” to do numbers.

And for me personally, the sad thing is, the album isn’t really that good. Like I said in a piece I just recently published called, ““8 Standout Tracks On PartyNextDoor ’s “P3.” The album’s content is really repetitive. I mean how many times can you reference the 6 or Toronto or tings, etc. At times, the vocals seem off as well, it just seems all over the place. It’s incredibly underwhelming.

You listen to PND 1 And PND 2 and you get the feel immediately. And yes, both tapes do kind of sound the same, but still, they’re amazing. And maybe “P3” will grow on me, but honestly I doubt that. And for PartyNextDoor, I hope this album resonates with a lot of people and he does good numbers because he’s really talented, but only time will tell.

The first week numbers should come this upcoming Friday. And I know, numbers shouldn’t make or break artists, but at the end of the day, numbers show growth. It matters. And at every artists core, it does matter. Will Party be stuck at a stagnant position or will this album do the numbers? Time will tell.

Time will tell.


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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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