Jack Layton Terminal : How This Is The Best Spot For Pokemon Go In Toronto

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Before I truly begin this piece, this should be known right off the bat. The first 3 movies I ever saw in theatres were the first 3 Pokemon movies. I remember them handing out Pokemon Cards as I entered the theatre. I remember how I went from watching the show on YTV in the morning before I went to elementary school to then watching the show in theatres. I still remember this.

Pokemon was a huge part of my childhood and for years now, that’s all it’s been. Since I’m an uncle now, my nephews are the ones who love Pokemon. There the ones playing the game with all these new Pokemons that I don’t even know. I would sometimes vicariously re-live my childhood by watching the Pokemon Indigo League show that I watched as a kid that’s now on Netflix with them and tell them, this is the true Pokemon. The original Pokemon, but it’s not like that anymore.

There’s much more Pokemon now and it’s their time to enjoy it, not mine anymore. It’s a bitter-sweet pill realizing that you’ve moved on from something you truly loved at one point. I don’t know if it’s growing up or maybe just growing out of something, but it happens. You can’t fight it. And this is what happened with Pokemon for me, but this all changed.

It’s one thing to vicariously relive your childhood, but to actually really relive it, it’s something special and rare and that’s what Pokemon Go is. This new game is incredible for so many different reasons, but the most important part is how it bridges people together.

The old fans of Pokemon who loved the original Pokemon, the new generation of fans who know these Pokemon, but know the new ones. And most importantly, people who have never played Pokemon before. With the app being free, anyone can play this game with a phone and at the Jack Layton Terminal in Toronto, this is a proven fact.




There were are all walks of life at the Terminal. Old people, young people, all races, all coming together as a community to catch Pokemon. Yeah, I really did just say that. It’s amazing. That’s what it is. If you stop for a moment and really reflect, how this game has managed to bring everybody together in such a turmoil 2016, it’s beautiful.

Now for me personally, I went to the Terminal for a few reasons. I’ve been reading about it on Pokemon Go Toronto Reddit  and as a player of the game, It sounded pretty lit. The idea of Lures everywhere, these are things that attract Pokemon, it seemed like a dream world. And the prospect of catching rare Pokemon sounded too good to be true. Living in North York in Toronto, There’s not too much Pokemon out here. I mean, how many more Drowzee’s can I possibly get?

Now taking away going as a player, I went to the Terminal because on Reddit and CP24, there were saying how the place might be losing it’s Pokestops.

This is something that you need to use the Lures to attract Pokemon, so I wanted to write about the place before the place was gone.

I wanted to experience the area before it lost it’s magic, so I made a trip here. And it was everything that I imagined it would be. Before this place, I thought Trinity Bellwood Park was the best place in Toronto. Only because of this park being a Magmar Nests, but I was wrong. The magical part about this place is that the Pokestops are so close together, like how the guy says in the video, you are essentially in a bunch of Lures at once.

And once I got there though, I could easily see why people in Toronto might be mad at the players. The place is incredibly packed, but honestly I see this as a good thing. You have people of all races, all ages, all together playing a game. Its low-key an exercise game too because you have to walk around, it’s genius.

And if you’re wondering, the prospect of catching rare Pokemon here, isn’t just a prospect. I walked away with a Dratini and a Dragonair.

This place is by the water too and the view is amazing. You also get to play with at least 200+ people, there’s the Lures everywhere, which makes Pokemon pop up every second. Additionally, there’s a high chance you’ll cop a rare Pokemon.

So If you’re in Toronto, this is the spot.

There’s no other spots that really have everything with it like this. Before this game came up, Pokemon was a childhood memory and now its like I’m a kid again. I would have never ever seen this ever happening, but I’m glad it has. I’m glad Pokemon is prospering again, It really shows you anything is possible.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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