Frank Ocean’s “Boys Don’t Cry” Album Will Never Live Up To It’s Hype

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6 days from now, Frank Ocean’s debut album “Channel ORANGE” will be celebrating it’s 4 year anniversary. Earlier this year, Ocean’s debut tape “Nostalgia Ultra” celebrated it’s 5 year anniversary. As of July 4th 2016, these are the only official body of works Ocean has dropped, but this wasn’t supposed to be the case.

In April of 2015, Ocean announced that his forthcoming sophomore album, “Boys Don’t Cry” would be released in July of 2015. Ocean never gave a date, but everybody knew that at some point, in July, we would be receiving an album and possibly a magazine from him.

And months after announcing the album, It was finally July. And days just kept going by. Everybody kept speculating what day the album would be dropping, maybe on a Friday to coincide with an Apple release, but all of these hot takes didn’t matter because it was still early in the month, the album would still be eventually dropping regardless in July. So people thought.

Weeks were starting to go by and still no album. Then July 31st came and went and no album was released. Some people even said that in Hawaii it was still July, but eventually time passed and it was officially August worldwide and Ocean didn’t deliver.

It is now one year later and Ocean has yet to drop his forthcoming album, “Boys Don’t Cry” and because of this, the “Frank Ocean Meme” was created; The “Where Is Frank Ocean Meme.”


This is all because Ocean has still never acknowledged to his fan base that he lied about the album dropping in July and he disappeared from public life. Like, It’s one thing to not know what he’s up to, but when he doesn’t have a Twitter or an Instagram, both of which he deleted, or a Facebook, In 2016, he essentially vanished. He does have a Tumblr though, but he hasn’t talked about the album at all.

And musically wise, in the past 2 years, he’s only dropped a cover “(At Your Best) You Are Love”, dropped the song “Memrise” and been on Kanye West’s “The Life Of Pablo” on the song “Wolves” which was later turned into “Frank’s Track.” If he had dropped the album in July of 2015, It would have been perfect, but now we’ve essentially been deprived of his music for a long time now, so everybody’s in shambles and expects this new album to be flawless.

And this is the problem. Because we’ve been deprived of his music for a long time now, the hype for “Boys Don’t Cry” is over the roof. People are expecting this album to be a masterpiece, a classic, a groundbreaking album. There expecting this to be Michael Jackson “Thriller” level the moment they listen to the album.

In 2011 when “Nostalgia Ultra” dropped or in 2012 when “Channel ORANGE” dropped, people didn’t tell themselves, this is classic or this is trash, the moment they listened to these projects. They sat with these body of works for a hot minute before they made that call.

In 2016, we now live in the era where an album is either trash or classic within the first 24 hours of release.

Ocean can drop an album and it could sound like an album he would drop and people might call it “mediocre” within the first 24 hours of release. People might call “Boys Don’t Cry” a decent 7/10 within the first 24 hours of release. The sad part is, a week after “Boy’s Don’t Cry” drops, some people might not even care about the album anymore. The same people who were dying for it, might listen to it for a month and just jump on a new release.

And this is isn’t entirely Ocean’s fault. Because were disgusting music so much quicker these days and receiving so much music, album reviews and critiques are essentially being written in 24-48 hours. Even though it’s impossible to take in an album that quickly, but in some respects it is Ocean’s fault. He should have released the album already, but now this is the environment it will be dropping in.

Now yesterday, Ocean updated his website with a new photo showing that the album is now going to be dropping this month. All of the dates below showing how many times the album has been pushed back. It should be noted that this is the same website that told us the album would be dropping last year this time. So, I’m still not entirely convinced of the album actually dropping.


With that being said though, the date at the bottom of his library card does says July 2016, so this shows us that the album should finally be releasing this month. There is also noticeably another date at the top that says, “November 2016” but everything is pointing to a July 2016 release.

At this point, Ocean really should have just dropped the album last year, but he can’t do anything about that now. Simply put, “Boy’s Don’t Cry” won’t live up to the hype because it’s impossible, but it should still be an incredible body of work.

And for Ocean’s sake I hope he drops the album this month for me and for all the other fans who have been waiting and I hope it’s a classic. If it isn’t, this whole saga will turn him into an internet meme forever and he doesn’t deserve to go out like that or does he for taking this long?


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