The Highs And Lows Of Binge-Watching Orange Is The New Black

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Almost 4 days ago, Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black was released on Netflix.

13 brand new episodes! And instead of taking my time and slowly enjoying each episode, I decided to go through each episode like a starving person with a Lay’s bag of chips. I ate through the new season in 4 days.

And it was an incredible 4 days. Season 4 was truly amazing and hilarious. There were brand new characters, you know because of all the new inmates from the season 3 ending, new plots that made the season so much more darker than the rest and sad flashback moments as well. It was 100 times better than Season 3, but honestly, it felt like Season 3 was just a build up for this season, but I’m not going to write any spoilers, just know Season 4 was an emotional rollercoaster ride.

And watching all of these episodes felt like this amazing high. Like wow, 13 new episodes! Just like that! I don’t have to wait every single week for a new episode, It’s all here, laid out on Netflix for me. With that in mind, you feast. And this isn’t the first season I’ve binge-watched.

I’ve binge-watched every single season of this show. It usually takes me, roughly, 3-7 days to watch all the episodes in a season. This season being nearly 4 days. And it’s not an easy task. Each episode is either almost an hour or an hour or a bit over an hour long. And thank god for that, I couldn’t imagine this show being 30 minutes or something.

Now the problem with having all of the episodes is that, with each passing episode, the excitement of all these episodes goes down slower and slower because you’re realizing, if I keep watching these episodes, I’ll eventually finish. Then once you finish, you’ll have to wait another year for a new season, but you don’t care. I certainly don’t care. The trick here is to delude yourself of that and to keep watching.

And when you delude yourself and just watch each episode after another, It’s honestly this rush and deluding yourself keeps the rush alive. One episode finishes and another begins. And so forth and so on, until you feel like taking a break. Because honestly, you have to take a break. There are probably people who watched the entire season the night it came out or in 2 days, but these people are just insane.

But after a while, shit hits the fan and reality hits. You’re only a few more episodes away from the finale and then you blink and you’re on the season finale. The high you’ve been feeling isn’t just fading, it’s one hour away from being completely gone. But its like you’re an addict, it doesn’t matter how terrible the feeling will feel when the rush is gone, you just want the feeling no matter what and you watch the final episode.

And then the final episode finishes and you realize it will be 12 months until a new season. The high is now completely a low. The rush is now gone. All you are left with is this feeling that, maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t have watched all the episodes so soon and you might take your time next year.

The truth is you won’t though, you’ll binge-watch again because binge-watching Orange Is The New Black is a rush worth feeling, regardless of the eventually low. And hey, at least people can’t spoil the show for you anymore, you’ve finished the season. And yet, there’s still a hint of sadness in that fact. Until next year!


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