Predicting The Group Stage Of The UEFA Euro 2016

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Way back in December of 2015, the groups for the UEFA Euro 2016 were drawn and announced. There are 6 groups consisting of four teams. It starts with Group A, all the way to Group F.

The host France are in Group A and they will play the opening game of the tournament against Romania today. With that being said, here’s how I think each group will fare. This is me, “Predicting The Group Stage Of The UEFA Euro 2016.” Enjoy.

Group A

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.26.22 PM

Prediction : France will top the group with Switzerland coming in 2nd.

Reason : Keeping it 100, this isn’t the group of death nor is this group going to be hard for France. The last time France played Switzerland, who I consider the hardest team in the group for them to face, they beat them 5-2 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. So I see the host nation finishing 1st.

When it comes to Switzerland, I expect Xherdan Shaqiri will, will his team to a second place finish unless Albania and Romania decide to play and ask questions. I don’t see that happening though. Also, it’s a total tossup who finishes 3rd, so I don’t have a prediction for that, It’s just going to be about who wants it more, either Romania or Albania.


Group B

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.30.18 PM

Prediction : England will top the group with Wales coming in 2nd.

Reason : Statistically speaking, England is the best European team in the tournament. They finished with the most points in the qualifiers going perfect with 30pts and 10 wins. When it comes to major tournaments, the Brits rarely show up, but with Harry Kane, Jamie Vardy and Wayne Rooney, this might just be their year. All of this is why I think they will finish first.

Now when it comes to 2nd, my heart tells me Russia, but Wales have Gareth Bale. You would think having one player doesn’t do much, but when you see what Zlatan Ibrahimovic does for his Sweden team, you see you can do it alone. Bale vs England will be a game to watch. Russia will finish 3rd. Sorry Slovakia.


Group C

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.40.00 PM

Prediction : Germany tops the group with Poland finishing 2nd.

Reason : I know this isn’t going to happen, but I won’t be shocked if Poland shock Germany and finish 1st. With the top goal scorer in the Euro 2016 qualifiers Robert Lewandoski, Poland have a chance to shock the world.

Add in Jakub Blaszczykowski, who knows what the Polish could do, but this is all just wishful thinking. Germany is Germany and they’ll finish 1st. Germany does have injury problems going into the Euro’s though. Marco Reus will not be playing, will Poland pounce on this? Time will tell.

Now when it comes to Ukraine, if they still had Andriy Shevchenko, maybe I’d thrown them into the mix, but sadly that’s not the case. It’s anyone’s guess who finishes 3rd, but I see Ukraine beating Ireland for that title.


Group D

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.55.03 PM

Prediction : Spain will top the group with Turkey finishing 2nd.

Reason: On God, I don’t know who will win the Turkey/Croatia Game. This whole group is full of wild cards, but I pick Turkey in FIFA 16 and I love playing with them, so I gotta just pick them to finish 2nd. Turkey has Arda Turan and Croatia have Mario Mandzukic and Luka Modric, it can go either way. Now when it comes to Spain finishing first, their Spain.

Just like Germany, I expect 5 star teams to deliver. And Spain have much to prove. After a terrible 2014 FIFA World Cup, The 2012 Euro winners have to show that they are still a top team and I see Spain proving that in the Group Stage.

Now Czech Republic is honestly a wildcard team, who knows what their capable of. If Turkey finishes 2nd, I would like Croatia to finish 3rd, so they still have a chance to play in the tournament with this new “Possible Knockout Phase.” So, yeah, Czech Republic, just finish 4th, you wildcard team you.


Group E

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.56.53 PM

Prediction : Belgium will top the group with Sweden finishing 2nd.

Reason : In every major FIFA Tournament, their exists a Group of Death. What this means is that, in this type of group, there are 3 teams that good enough to finish in the top 2 and one incredible team will have to perish. With that being said, I welcome you to the Euro 2016 Group Of Death.

Belgium have what it takes to win the entire tournament and I see them finishing 1st in this group when they have the likes of Eden Hazard and Kevin De Brunye. This tournament will be Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s last with Sweden, so I see him willing his team to 2nd.

Sorry, Italy, it’s looks like you’re the team that’s going to perish. Well, you’ll finish 3rd, so you might be able to continue on. Ireland is just a wild card team, who knows what they can do, but everybody kind of does know what their gonna do, their going to finish 4th. Sad, but true.


Group F

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.06.12 AM

Prediction : Portugal will top the group with Austria finishing 2nd.

Reason : Cristiano Ronaldo is healthy. 100% healthy. He will be playing against the likes of Hungary and Iceland. I’m not including Austria in this because Austria is not a basic team. They are a dark horse team in this tournament and why is that?

When it comes to qualifiers for this tournament, Austria finished with 28pts. The top team England finished with 3opts. Austria didn’t lose a single game in the qualifiers drawing once and winning 9 times. So they will finish 2nd.

Honestly, they might upset and finish 1st, but Ronaldo is Ronaldo and Portugal should finish 1st. Iceland and Hungary are both equally bad, the better of the two will finish 3rd. Hopefully, these two teams shock the world and make things interesting in this group, but I don’t really see that happening. I’m just going to say Hungary over Iceland because I’m currently hungry. I don’t know, that doesn’t make sense, who ever wants more it more will finish 3rd. That makes sense right?



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