You Should Never Be Insecure About Your Music Taste

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We’ve all be there. At some point in your life, you’ve tried to hide what music you’re playing on your iPod. We do this because when it comes to music, there some sort of special bond between you and the song. And sometimes, you don’t want to show someone what you’re listening to because you don’t want them thinking weird things about you. They simply just won’t understand your motives. They won’t understand that special bond.

But sometimes, there’s an entirely different case as to why you don’t want to share what music you’re playing. And that case is when you’re embarrassed. I remember being on the subway and I had just added some songs from Justin Bieber’s “Journals” album on to my iPhone to listen to.

I remember, I really wanted to blast one song, but I realized, I didn’t really want people looking at me. Like damn, I’m really gonna blast a Justin Bieber record? So, I kept the volume at a normal area, so nobody could hear it, but I could. Its like when you have a  dirty stain on your shirt, you don’t want anyone to notice, but you know it’s there.

That’s what it was like to listen to Justin Bieber before everyone was listening to him. And generally speaking, why should we care what people think about what we do? Why do we get embarrassed by the smallest things, even what music were playing? The truth is, we get this way because we don’t want people getting the wrong impression about who we are.

I mean, picture this.

You’re a dude and you’re playing N’Sync on your iPod. You might not care what people think, but there’s some guy out their that doesn’t want to show people this. And I’ve been that guy. And you know why I’m that guy, because N’Sync had hits, this is undeniable, but do I want to show people I’m jamming out to a boy band?

Not really and so I keep that to myself, but why is that? Why can’t we just be open about what we listen to? Why do we have to be insecure about these things. After all, isn’t it just music?

The truth is, it isn’t just music. It isn’t just music because music is an incredible indicator of someone’s personality. You get a really good sense of who someone is when it comes to their music taste. Even if they don’t have a music taste, this will still tell you something about this person. When it comes to being insecure about what you listen to, it’s not about you being embarrassed for yourself, it’s about how you’re being perceived.

Music is that powerful. What you listen to can give an impression about who you’re and that’s why, me playing N’sync, people might be trying to create an idea of who I could be based off of that, but then again, why do I care? And I shouldn’t. When we all feel insecure about these sort of things or anything in general, we really shouldn’t care, but we do. It’s just hard not to.

We all want to say, nobodies opinion matters but are own, but that’s not really true. We need to know what other people are thinking about us because if we don’t, then we can’t really function. And as much as this is all true, it should always be known that we shouldn’t be letting how people perceive us change what we can or can’t like.

N’Sync had hits. Backstreet boys had hits. And you know what, nobody can tell me Nickleback ain’t have hits too.

And I know if I’m in a room full of girls and guys and I play a Justin Bieber record, the girls will go crazy and react all positive and some dudes will look at me funny for playing “Sorry” but that’s life.

And I’ve learned to not even care anymore. Or at least, I’m trying. Because you know what, yeah I’m a dude, but Zayn’s “Mind Of Mine” album is pure fire. Justin Bieber’s “Journals” album is a masterpiece. And Britney Spears song, “Lucky” back in the day is a classic.

Music is music. If its good, its good, but some people are so boxed in, they will never see it that way. These people will always hit you with that, “Why are listening to that?” And that’s why a lot of people just neglect to show what music they’re playing because they’re insecure. They don’t want to be judged.

And the truth is, you should never feel insecure about your music taste, but it happens. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. You just don’t want to be embarrassed. Its human nature, so all I can say is, sometimes just say screw it. Be you.


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