There’s Nothing Special About Proving People Wrong : Life Talk #23

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We’ve all had a point in our lives where we were doubted. Sometimes, even doubted by the people that we know. Like our family members and our friends. And when these sort of things happen, people react to these situations differently.

Some people take doubt and they give up, believing that maybe they’re in the wrong and they can’t achieve what they thought they could do. You might want to be a rapper, but nobody around you believes in you, so maybe you’re not meant to be a rapper. But some people, those who have a strong mentality take the opposite approach.

When these people are doubted, they set out to prove these people wrong. It’s their life’s mission. It’s this feeling inside that they have to go out and achieve what people said they couldn’t do. These people are considered delusional at times, but they know in their heart, one day, they will be vindacted.

Rapper Jay Z even has an entire song about how he reacted to the people who said he wouldn’t be anything. This verse coming from his song, “So Ambitious” from his Blueprint 3 album.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.07.20 AM

As you can see, first Jay Z’s Teacher didn’t believe in him to be anything in life, and then even his own Uncle didn’t believe in the music that he was making. In 2016, Jay Z is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time, but when he was just starting out, it was his belief, maybe considered delusinal to some, that one day, he will be considered the greatest of all time.

Jay Z set out to prove to his Teacher and his Uncle that he would be something. And for me, I would think, yeah, it’s incredible that he got to prove them wrong, but wouldn’t it have been better if they had just believed in him in the first place? Did Jay Z have to sell all of these records for these people to finally realize they were wrong, but then on the flip side, you need people who don’t believe in you to achieve your dreams.

And even on the hook of this Jay Z song, Pharrell comes through and sends the message home about what the song is about.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.32.23 AM

Because at the end of the day, you do need these people. You need these people who don’t believe in you because these are the people who are the fuel to your fire. These are the people who motivate you to be better. As Pharell pefectly puts it, the motivation for Jay Z was people telling him what he couldn’t be.

Rapper Big Sean even said a little something about his haters on his song, “Higher” from his Detroit mixtape.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.16.10 AM

Like Jay Z, fellow Rapper Big Sean has people who have doubted him over the years and these are the people he refers to as his “Enemies.” Every time Big Sean achieves something, these are the people who he has proven wrong. But the truth is, as much as you need these people to succeed, the “Haters” at the end of the day, they don’t matter. Once you’ve proven them wrong, you’re left with nothing. There’s no real solace in this.

Even if Jay Z’s teacher or Big Sean’s haters reached out to him and said, “Oh, I was wrong,” what is this really going to do for them? It’s going to do nothing for them. That’s why, as much as you need these people to achieve your dreams, you need to realize, there’s nothing special about proving these people wrong. And if you feel special proving these people wrong, this will only be a fleeting feeling. It won’t last.

But it’s not to take away from the fact that, it is an incredible feeling. Proving someone wrong is an amazing feeling, but it’s also a fleeting feeling, but its again, also an amazing one. It’s what Rapper Drake was talking about on, “Started From The Bottom” on his Nothing Was The Same album.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.21.32 AM

Because, after all the pain and suffering, all the hard work, there comes a time, when you finally get over that hill. This is the moment where you’re finally feel vindicated. But this moment comes and goes. The point is, there’s nothing special about proving people wrong, it maybe special for a little moment, but when that moment passes, what do you have left?


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