The Weeknd’s Demo For The Town Called “Not Used To” Is Something You Need To Hear

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I first heard the snippet of the song on Twitter. I think one of the main XO fan accounts posted it, maybe The Weeknd Bible or someone else, but I knew then, that I had to hear the full song. It sounded like “The Town” from Kiss land, but it sounded different too. It sounded magical.

Now, I’m also one of those people who thinks that Kiss Land is an incredible record and honestly, I think it’s tremendously under-rated which is a shame, but that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is how incredibly amazing, “The Town” demo is. I mean, I thought the snippet was amazing, but the song?


After doing thorough detailed research, I came to find out that the snippet was in fact, the demo from Kiss land for the song “The Town” but before the song became “The Town,” It was called, “Not Used To.”

The demo that leaked was called “Not Used To.” This track/demo was the template of a song that would eventually come to be what we know as “The Town.” And a lot can be said about this leaked demo. That it shows how talented Abel Tesfaye is or that there is probably a treasure trove of unreleased material that The Weeknd has, but the part I really love in the song, among others, is what I love about Kiss Land; the atmosheric production mixed in with Abel’s vocals, its as real as it gets.

And If “Not Used To” is any indication, The Weeknd could have re-works of any song he’s made thus far, which isn’t shocking for any artist, but still as a fan,  it would be amazing to have more demos, but I’ll take this leak for now and now back to the song in question. There’s one part that’s just has me in awe.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.59.34 AM

When Abel sings those lyrics, I can imagine somewhere in the distance, Michael Jackson crying tears of joy because someone in the music world is keeping his spirit alive. And I know, the lyrics from this version and “The Town” are very similar, the difference being the perspectives and some word changes, but the production in this version makes these lyrics stick out more.

I mean, it’s breathtaking. And I know you’re probably wondering, where’s the link to the song? I need to hear the song to understand this piece, so click here to listen to it.

And If you’re one of those, “I hate Kiss land” fans, I implore you, to give it another listen. Whether you like it or not, in 5 or 10 years from now, It will go down as a classic. Now, I wasn’t playing on writing this piece, but I’ve been seriously overplaying this song, and especially replaying that lyric part I posted over and over again, so I had to write this.

This song is just so damn good. And you’re probably thinking, why should I hear this song? Why are you sharing this with me? Because this song/demo gave that me rare feeling.

You know that feeling when a song is so good, you’re in some sort of shock, like can anything be better? If you’ve ever felt this before, then you know, its at this point, you declare the song you’re playing, the greatest song of all time and you know, logically that doesn’t even make sense and that’s not logical, but logic doesn’t exist here.

It doesn’t exist in this music space. And that’s what makes these types of songs or even a demo, incredible. Because when music has that powerful of a connection with you, it’s magic. It’s literally magical. And I wanted to share that with you.


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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