7 Standout Tracks On Lil Yachty “Lil Boat” Mixtape

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Maybe it’s the nostalgia in me, but hearing 18-year-old Atlanta artist, Lil Yachty rapping over a Super Mario 64 instrumental on his debut tape really made me want to actually take in his debut tape, “Lil Boat.”

And what this whole moment in time really reminds me of is when I discovered Yung Lean. I first laughed at some of the songs Lean dropped like, Ginseng Strip 2002 and Hurt, but then I started actually liking them.

A couple of years later, I just added Lean’s sophomore album,“Warlord” on my iPhone through Apple Music. And just like with Lean, I first laughed at Yachty’s songs, most notably his song, “Minnesota.” And why? Because Yachty made that song sound like a child like, lullaby, but then I heard his song, “1Night” and I was like, this really has potential. And of course, this was the song that started really blowing him up, but then Yachty right after dropped a song where he rapped over the Rugrats theme song.

And that’s where he lost me. And for a lot of people, they wouldn’t even give these type of artists the time of day, just based on their names. Yung Lean, Lil Yachty, these names scream, I’m a meme rapper, but for me, I’ve become pretty open minded with the creation of my blog. So, I give these people chances.

Now after the whole Rugrats song, I wasn’t going to give Yachty a second chance, but as fate would have it, I accidentally clicked on Yachty’s soundcloud and the first song that played from his debut tape was him rapping over a Super Mario 64 instrumental. And like I said, the nostalgia came out and he got a second chance.

And after giving Yachty a proper listen, I was pretty surprised. I mean, his mixtape, “Lil Boat” isn’t groundbreaking or insanely amazing, but it’s a fun listen. It’s got some bangers on it and the dude’s only 18.

With that being said, if you’re still reading this and still intrigued, Here’s “7 Standout Tracks On Lil Yachty’s “Lil Boat” Mixtape.”










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