That Awkward Feeling After You’ve Finished Watching A TV Series

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Everything has a beginning and an ending.

This is something we all know, but knowing this doesn’t really change anything. I mean, yeah its good to know that there’s a beginning and an end to everything , but what’s the point of knowing this? It doesn’t help anything really. Knowing this doesn’t help prepare you for the end. You just start something and whatever you’re starting, is all you think about. You just bury and repress the feeling that it could end or will end in the back of your mind until that time comes. Because one day, it will come and there’s nothing you can do about that.

Now, a few years back, I began to watch this show on Netflix called Misfits UK. The show is essentially, about a group of young offenders doing community service and in the first episode, they get struck by lightning during a weird, freak storm, and begin to develop superpowers.

In the first two seasons, The show was starring Robert Sheehan as Nathan Young, Iwan Rheon as Simon, Lauren Socha as Kelly, Antonia Thomas as Alisha and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Curtis.

There are 5 seasons of the show, but I stopped watching the show after the 2nd season because one of the best characters on the show, Nathan, left after the 2nd season. Throughout the first two seasons, it was clear that the star of the show was Nathan.


Robert Sheehan as “Nathan Young”

I mean, as a cast, all of the characters on Misfits UK complemented each other during the first two seasons, but if you’ve ever watched the show, you’d know, Nathan was the best character. And knowing that he left after the 2nd season, it made me just stop watching the show altogether. In retrospect, this was a pretty stupid idea.

Fast forward to now, for the past two weeks, I’ve been binge-watching the rest of the series. I binge-watched the last 3 seasons of the show in the past two weeks, which seems a bit crazy to start and finish in two weeks, but that’s why they call it binge-watching. And trust me, each season has like 6-8 episodes max, it wasn’t like 25 episodes per season, if it was like that, then that would be insane, but honestly though, thank god, I decided to come back to this show.

A lot of fans of the show, that I’ve read about, stopped watching the show altogether because of Nathan leaving after the 2nd season, and I can’t blame them because I did the same thing. But it’s a complete travesty if you don’t go back to the show. You miss out on some classic seasons of Misfits UK, if you never go back.

And I get it, once Nathan left, it felt like there was this gapping hole in the show, even though, the rest of the original Misfits cast were still present after Nathan left; Alisha, Simon, Curtis and Kelly, but still, there was just a gapping hole in the show. There was a huge imprint left on the show from Nathan, but his replacement really became the real star of the series.


Joseph Gilgun as “Rudy Wade”

Robert Sheehan was incredible as Nathan, but Joseph Gilgun as Rudy, was low-key actually better. Rudy was just as funny as Nathan was, but Rudy was more of a complete version of the funny-emotional combo that Nathan possessed in the first two seasons, there were levels and depths to Rudy’s character that was lacking from Nathan’s character and because of that, Rudy really became the star of the show.

Season after season after Nathan left, it was clear that Rudy was the centrepiece of the show and now, I really regret all the time, I spent away from the show because It was actually still really great. And that’s the thing about starting something, you really should never start something and stop mid-way because you never know where the road might lead you and luckily for me, even though, I got lost on the way, I finally made my way back to the show.

And when I reached the 5th and final season, it dawned on me that I was almost at the end of the road. And when I finally watched the final episode and the credits starting rolling, I realized, It was over. All the laughs, all the tears, all the jokes, all the witty banter, it was all over. And for everybody whose ever finished a TV series, it’s just a confusing, awkward feeling. You invest so much time into something and it just ends.


Robert Sheehan as “Nathan Young”

The crazy thing is, you’ve known from the start that this was going to happen, but it’s still weird, and it’s still shocking. And you might even tell yourself, maybe I shouldn’t have binge-watched it and maybe, I could have taken my time with the episodes, but even doing this still wouldn’t change the fact, that it would end.

Everything has a beginning and an ending and the ending sucks.


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