The Backlash From Kanye West’s ‘Facts’ Shows People Are Still Not Getting The Message

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Like everyone else around me on New Year’s Eve, I was celebrating the new year. And as every blogger or music writer knows, there’s nothing more stressful than a major artist dropping a song, while you’re trying to ring in the new year.

But as a music writer, you know better than to relax and tell yourself, well it’s my time to celebrate and chill, I’ll post the song later, because deep down, you know better. You know, your job is to post the song, regardless of what you’re doing. And that’s exactly what I did. I immediately grabbed my friends laptop, logged on to my website and posted the song.

And when, I first played the song Facts, I heard a soulful sample in the beginning of the song and as a listener and as a huge Kanye West fan, I was anticipating vintage Kanye, you know, soulful, College Dropout Kanye, as everyone else was, listening to the song.

But once the intro was done, it was clear that wasn’t going to be the case, as you’re quickly introduced to a clear-cut, Jumpman Freestyle. But if you really take in the song, it’s so much more than that. And the soulful sample in the beginning, actually sets the tone for the entire song.

But because, it’s so clear that, it’s a Jumpman Freestyle, people really didn’t care enough to take into account what Kanye was really saying in the song. Everyone just wrote the song off as a Jumpman Freestyle and nothing more. To most people, the new song was a signal that Kanye, had run out of music creativity.

But if you honestly take in the song, it’s so much more than a Jumpman Freestyle. And It actually showcases that Kanye hasn’t run out of creativity. And to really understand where Kanye is coming from, you have to really read the lyrics to the new song.

Now before we can go into the new song, we have to go back to an old song by Kanye, because this old song, really helps put the new song into perspective, and this old song is New God Flow.

Because On New God Flow, Kanye raps, “Hold up, I ain’t trying to stunt man, but the Yeezys’s jumped over the Jumpman.”

Now at this time, when this song dropped, around July of 2012, Kanye was signed to Nike and a full-fledged supporter of the brand. But when you read into the lyrics, in retrospect, you get the sense that Kanye was, essentially telling us, that his Yeezy’s, could be bigger than the Jordans.

And can you really blame him for believing this? Because in 2012, his Nike Air Yeezy’s II was dubbed by Business Insider, the most anticipated sneaker of all time.  But in 2012, Kanye was still with Nike, so he didn’t want to say that his shoes were bigger or could be bigger, so he went half-hearted with the lyric, by telling us, he isn’t trying to stunt.

So when you take this all in, and that he left Nike in 2013, almost a year after he dropped New God Flow, it isn’t shocking that he left Nike. The real shocking part was how Nike was treating him by not giving him royalties. And that anger and frustration he felt from Nike, was heard all throughout his 7th studio album, Yeezus and in his promo interviews, he did for the album.

Now when you take in the context of this Yeezus Era interview and his old song New God Flow, you realize that, on Facts, he isn’t just taking the flow of a popular song, and being uncreative, he’s actually using it to illustrate that he was proud of being on Nike before, but now he isn’t.

Because if you think about Kanye rapping the words, “Jumpman,” you’re mentally taken back to the lyric on New God Flow and you realize the parallels between New God Flow and Facts. Again, showing Kanye was proud to be on Nike, but times have changed.

And the truly creative part of this is that, Drake And Future’s Jumpman is essentially, a theme song to the Nike brand and Kanye, took the theme song of Jordan, and flipped it into an Adidas theme song. Because now if you hear the song Jumpman, you’ll think of Kanye’s new song, Facts, and that will get you to think of the Yeezys.

So years after dropping New God Flow and rapping, that he wasn’t trying to stunt, because he was still proud to be with Nike and years after being completely frustrated with Nike, by not respecting him, and not giving him royalties, Kanye raps in the his new song,“Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman.” Years later, Kanye is no longer with Nike, but a proud member of the Adidas family.

And truthfully, the song Facts, is a true testament to who Kanye has always been. The guy whose had to overcome all the obstacles to become the man, he’s always envisioned himself to be. And this is the point, he’s trying to get across in using the sample that he used.

Because for the first time in years, Kanye is finally not frustrated, he’s finally happy. And he’s come a long way since dropping New God Flow. And in true Kanye form, in the new song, he has to praise himself for all of  his accomplishments.

And yet again, can you really blame him for stating the Facts? He told us all in 2013, during all of his Yeezus Era interviews that, all he needed was proper infrastructure. And in 2015 with Addias, he’s been giving that and he’s been incredibly successful. Even more successful than the Jordan shoes.

Now with that being said, It’s clear that the Kanye we all know and love, is still with us, we just have to understand that, he’s not spazzing at us, he’s actually giving us the message in what he will achieve.

And if we don’t believe in him, well, Kanye will just drop a song like Facts, and show us, he’s dead serious about achieving all of his dreams. So if you haven’t already, you need to start really listening to what he’s saying, because he’s not spazzing at us, he’s speaking Facts.


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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