Infant Sorrow Is The Greatest Fake Rock Band Of All Time

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So the other day, I decided to re-watch, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I was bored and the movie was on Netflix, so I thought why not, I might as well grab some popcorn and watch the movie. I was honestly sitting around doing nothing, so the movie was going to save me from boredom. The popcorn was Orville Redenbacher.

Now as funny as the movie was, because Forgetting Sarah Marshall is an incredibly hilarious movie, the best part about the movie wasn’t that it was funny, it was Russell Brand as Aldous Snow, the frontman of the band in the movie; Infant Sorrow.

When Aldous Snow performs the song, Inside Of You, I kept telling myself, wait, why does this song sound really good? It got to a point where I kept rewinding the stream of the movie, so I can hear the song again.

And even when I saw the movie before, I did remember the song being good, but I guess I forgot how good, it really was. After the movie was done, I had to go into my Apple Music and add the song to my phone. Apple Music really is clutch.

Now the next day, I decided well, since I watched Forgetting Sarah Marhall, I might as well re-watch, Get Him To The Greek because It’s a spin-off sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I would feel pretty empty inside if I didn’t complete the two movie package. It would be like watching the first Harry Potter movie and not watching them all after, that just wouldn’t make sense, so I watched Get Him To The Greek again.

And as I re-watched the movie again, I remembered, that I saw the movie two times while it was in theatres. Everybody at the time that I knew just wanted to see it and I happily joined each venture to the cinema. I remember being in line with my friends, a week after I saw the movie for the first time with my family and while we were deciding on which movie we should watch, I told them that I didn’t see the movie.

I had to lie to them because I knew they wouldn’t see a movie, I’d already seen, so I told them the white lie and that we should see the movie, so they’d want to see the movie and I’d get to see it again. The perfect plan really. I didn’t even care about paying again to see the movie, even though I’d already seen it, it was just so funny, the first time, I wanted to see it again.  And my plan worked, as I would see the movie for the second time with my friends.

The best thing about the movie was, of course that it was a hilarious and had scenes that brought me to tears from laughing so hard, like the banter being between Brand’s character and Jonah Hill’s character, Aaron Green, when Aaron had to put heroin up his ass in the airport.

But just like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the greatest thing about the movie was Aldous Snow, the frontman of the band in the movie; Infant Sorrow. Continuing from the first movie, Infant Sorrow had some really good songs.

I mean, there were songs in the movie by the band that were meant to be humorous and entertaining like, Fury Wall, African Child or Gang Of Lust in the movie, and not to be downloaded and actually listened to, like a real rock song, well maybe Gang Of Lust, but Going Up, was shockingly, really good.

The funny thing is, while watching the movie, I even remembered that I actually downloaded Going Up and Bangers, Beans and Mash from the movie soundtrack way back in 2010, but I guess I just forgot how good they were.

Now, even though Infant Sorrow is a fictional band, their songs Going Up, Bangers, Beans and Mash, and Inside of You, really created this feeling, like this band was real to me. And that they could have been a real band, in real life.

And the crazy thing is that, Russell Brand and Universal Pictures, the people behind creating Get Him To The Greek, had a goal to create a body of work for the movie soundtrack that made the songs from the movie sound like an actual rock band made them and I guess they succeeded, because to me, the band and the songs felt real and the band hands down is the greatest fake rock band of all time.


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