How The Movie ‘Nightcrawler’ Helped Me Understand What It Takes To Be Successful

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There’s nothing more powerful than when you’re watching a movie and you see yourself inside a character. When you can relate to what a character’s going through, because you’ve been where the character’s been. When there’s an emotional connection in the movie, you’re completely hooked. And when there is a connection like that, there’s almost no word to explain how it feels, it’s just powerful.

For me, I didn’t know it then, but when I watched, Jake Gyllenhaal ‘Nightcrawler,’ trailer, my life would be forever changed by it.

There was just something about Gyllenhaal’s character, Lou Bloom, repeating the words, “My motto is, if you wanna win the lottery, you have to make a money to buy a ticket.” I immediately knew, I had to see the film, so I eventually bought a ticket for it, during its TIFF showing. (If you don’t know, TIFF is an acronym for Toronto International Film Festival.)

And the crazy thing is, hours after, I watched the trailer for the movie, I randomly, in the middle of the night, created this blog. It would be months until I would be seeing the film, but I used the motto in my website as a reminder to keep working hard, because that’s what I thought the quote meant. It wasn’t until, I saw the movie, when I truly understood the magnitude of the quote.

Now when I finally watched the movie during the TIFF showing, It was as if, I was meant to see this film. As if, the movie came out at the perfect time in my life. I almost couldn’t believe it. Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, Lou Bloom was me. I was watching myself through him.

Lou Bloom had no knowledge or even the slightest idea of how to be a nightcrawler. A nightcrawler, being someone who is a freelance cameraman who arrives at a scene, shoots the scene and sells the footage. Just like me, before I made this blog, I had no knowledge or any type of idea of how to run a website, like, at all. This is something, I’ve never done. I just stumbled into this, just like Lou bloom did when he stumbled into the car crash in the film.

In the movie, while driving home, Lou Bloom sees a car crash and pulls over. He sees cameramen filming a car crash and watches them shoot the crash. After Lou Bloom see’s this, he becomes inspired and obsessed by the actions of the cameraman and, in a scene right after, steals a bicycle, so he can obtain a camcorder and a radio scanner to start filming himself. As the movie progresses, Lou Bloom turns from being a beginner to a full-fledged nightcrawler expert, but he was terrible in the beginning. His lighting in his filming was bad, his focus was bad, but he kept learning.

And just like me, my website looked terrible in the beginning. I didn’t really care enough to edit my writing, I never had proper photos and my headlines were terrible, but I kept learning. I kept working hard. Even though, I work alone, I consider the internet my partner in this. I’ve researched so much and that has helped me grow this blog into a website. And like Lou Bloom, he researched his craft, as well.

Lou Bloom in the movie, learned online, how to be a better shooter, he learned online how to film better, he learned online, every necessary step to better himself. He kept shooting again and again and kept a log of all the work that he sold, that was featured on the news. He then had enough money to upgrade his gear, which improved his shooting. He kept working harder and harder.

At the end of the movie, Lou Bloom was the owner of his own production company and had a staff of workers. That’s pretty insane, considering at the start of the movie, he had absolutely no knowledge of how to work a camera. And, just like me, I started as a blogger and now, I’m the Founder, Editor-In-Chief of a website, when in the beginning, I never knew how to run a website, but like Lou Bloom, I’ve put in the 10,000 hours.

This movie taught me that, you have to start from somewhere and sometimes, it might not even be what you thought, you would be doing. I never had a plan on becoming a blogger, but I am. I went into Journalism school, to be a sports journalist, now I want to run my own business and be a music writer. A lot of people who’ve seen this movie might not see the film as a success story, because Jake Gyllenhaal’s appearance as the character is a bit off-putting, but I see this movie for what it is; a success story.

And even Jake Gyllenhaal himself, thinks this movie is a success story. Just watch the interview below, from 10:12 till 11:50 mark.

Seeing myself in this character, made me feel like, I can do this. I can run this website. Even though, It’s something I never planned do to, this film made me believe, I can do this. I became obsessed with this site. And I’ve been incredibly successful with this. Especially alone, I mean, I’m on pace for 500,000 views in less than 2 years, working by myself.

‘Nightcrawler’ helped me understand what it takes and what it means to be successful. And that’s why the quote in the movie, is in each and every one of my post. I thought the quote was just about working hard, but It’s actually about working hard, regardless of how successful you become. And It’s funny because I never would have thought, watching the trailer, I would end up being a blogger and writing about it, but I guess that’s life; incredibly, unpredictable.


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