Ranking The Top 10 Songs From Lil Wayne’s ‘No Ceilings’

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In honour of Lil Wayne releasing, ‘No Ceilings 2’ this week, I thought i’d revisit the first one, the classic ‘No Ceilings’ and rank the 10 best songs from the 21 track mixtape. Regardless of what anyone says, Lil Wayne has actually had a great 2015. 

Check out the ranking below. I’m going to post the song, the ranking and the standout lyric from the song. The standout lyrics are the lyrics that always made me go, god damn.


Song : Sweet Dreams

Standout Lyric : “Two’s a couple, three’s a scene, Weezy that nigga that you see in your dreams.”


Song : I Got No Ceilings

Standout Lyric : “Uh, I’m young and restless, I shines my guidin’ light.”


Song : Poker Face

Standout Lyric : “She said she wanted a tour of the tour bus, So I gave her a tour of the tour bus. It was all us, on the tour bus and she did all us, on the tour bus.”


Song : Swag Surf

Standout Lyric : “Take the brain off the whip: now it don’t make no sense.”


Song : I’m Single

Standout Lyric : “I’m chilling but my swag on full attack.”


Song : D.O.A

Standout Lyric : “Young or old, there ain’t no comparing’ me, I just cleared that up, moment of clarity.”


Song : Run This Town

Standout Lyric : “I’m the prodigy, Do you Roger me? I look in the flames and see the hotter me, but how come I’m still colder than commonly. Yeah we run this town, like a lot of feet, Young Moola, Baby, I’m proud of me.”


Song : Wasted

Standout Lyric : “Label me the hardest nigga in civilian clothes, Young Money baby, and the building grows, as we look up, where did the ceilings go?”


Song : Throw It In The Bag

Standout Lyric : “I love to hit it backwards: call it pig latin.”


Song : No Ceilings (Pop That)

Standout Lyric : “Young Weezy F, the ‘F’ is not for failing, swagger just dumb, call it Sarah Palin, If you niggas fly, then I must be parasailing, we are not the same, I’m a muthafucking alien.”


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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