Drake Should Drop The First Single From Views From The 6 On New Years Day

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Drake dropped his first official body of work, Room For Improvement in 2006. February 14, 2006, to be exact. Pay attention to the dates in this article, they’re important. In 2006, Drake to me, was still only just the guy from Degrassi : The Next Generation. Wheelchair Jimmy to be exact. If we’re being completely honest, I didn’t even know he released this tape in 2006. Though, I must admit, I wasn’t that interested in music way back then. I was only 12.

Looking back at the tape, it’s interesting to listen to what Drake choose to say on the intro track. Listening back to one of the opening lyrics, it’s honestly, a prophetic foreshadowing of his own career. On the Intro track, Drake said, I call it the “Room For Improvement” mixtape, cause I’m not perfect and I bet neither are you, if you listening.”

Now, the reason why I connect with Drake the most in his music, is because how introspective it is. Drake makes music that makes you reflect on your life, on your thoughts and feelings. Then on the flip side, there’s music by Drake that makes you want to celebrate and turn up with your friends and not put you in your feelings.

The fact that you can be on a high, wanting to turn up with your friends while listening to Drake and then be put in a low, and in your feelings, just showcases the most important thing that, Drake has shown us of himself over the years.

The fact that he’s human. And the fact that we’re all just human. From songs like, ‘I Get Lonely Too’ to songs like, ‘Trophies,’ Drake is truly, an incredibly diverse artist, or simply, just someone whose human, who can sometimes be feeling like he’s on top of the world, to being someone whose in his feelings.

Before Drake, no other rapper really cared enough to show this type of real diversity. Yes, Kanye’s West’s ‘808’s & Heartbreak opened up the door for artists like Drake to act like this, but the way Drake uses his words, sings and raps is unlike any other artist in this generation. That’s why some, call him the voice of the generation. 

Now when the clock finally hits midnight on 2015, it will officially be 2016 and Room For Improvement will be nearing it’s 10 year anniversary. 2016 for Drake, will mark the anniversary of his first ever project as an artist. Recently, as a solo artist, Drake dropped, ‘If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late,’ on February 13, 2015. Keep in mind, that the 10 year anniversary of Room For Improvement will be February 14, 2016. The 1 year anniversary of, ‘If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late,’ will be a day before this.

Besides, the 10 year anniversary of Room For Improvement, another milestone will be taking place on February 2016 for Drake and for Toronto. The NBA All Star Weekend will be in Toronto. This will be the first ever all-star game played outside of the United States.

Now what better way of celebrating the 10 year anniversary of your first tape and being the global ambassador of the basketball team in your city, The Toronto Raptors by releasing an album, titled ‘Views From The 6’ then in February of 2016. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. What Drake needs to do first, before releasing the album in February, is to release the first single off the album.

And what better time, then the time he already rapped about. “But just know it will be January in no time.” This line from Drake’s “30 for 30” freestyle on, ‘If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late,’ seemed to indicate that he would be dropping his forthcoming album, Views From The 6 in January. But what if he didn’t drop the album in January?

What if, to usher in the new year, knowing that 10 years ago, he was prepping his first tape around the same time, Drake released his first single? This shouldn’t even be a what if, Drake needs to do this. This entire thing , would be an incredible, cinderella story for Drake and for Toronto.

Picture it, Drake would be dropping the first single from his album, titled ‘Views From The 6’ in January and then a month later, celebrate three different things; The 10 year anniversary of Room For Improvement, the first ever all-star game in Toronto as him being The Global Ambassador and finally, releasing his new album. Simply put, Drake needs to drop his first single on New Year’s Day because nothing else makes more sense than this.

Canada will be hosting the first ever all-star game outside of the United States and the city where Drake is from, will be hosting it. As someone whose from Toronto, all I can say is, if this all happens, the only acceptable thing to say, would be what Drake and Future, titled their collaborative tape, “What A Time To Be Alive.”


From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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