Insecure People Will Ruin Your Life If You Let Them : Life Talk #22

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I’m currently sitting in my room, thinking about all sorts of things, but something that keeps coming to my mind is that, people can be accidentally, telling someone they know, that their dreams aren’t going to work out. They could be, essentially, ridding the world of the next best rapper or the next best engineer or the next whoever. The point is, they could be putting insecurities into someones head and killing a dream before it even began.

And I mean, seriously, think about that. This could be a parent talking to their son or daughter, saying it’s not going to work out for you, like this is American Idol and they’re Simon Cowell. Now, you may think you can subtract your parents or you siblings from this calculation, but even they could hinder your success. Think about this, your siblings might feel insecure of their own accomplishments and tell you that what you’re trying to achieve, is likely not going to happen because it would’t happen for them, but on the other side, your parents are the realist.

They see that you have a dream or a goal that you’re hoping to reach, so they won’t tell you, that what you’re doing is hard, they’ll just tell you what you want to hear. This can easily be detrimental to you, if you slightly notice that they aren’t really invested in what you’re doing. Say for example, you bring up the fact that you made some sort of breakthrough and they’ll just scoff at what you’re doing or saying and talk about something else. These things can hurt you mentally and effectively end any hope you have of achieving your dreams. Because what’s the point of anything, if you can’t share. And this is a big reminder, all of this is just coming from your family members.

The real scary part is that, your friends, even though they’re your friends, and you probably consider them your family, don’t really want you to succeed. At least, more then them, I mean, you know how the old saying goes, “They want you to do good, but never better then them.” But you tell yourself time and time again, these are my friends, they only want the best for me, but this is, sadly, a delusional thing to tell yourself because think about this for a second.

When you get an A+ in school, if all of your friends aren’t all getting an A+, they can’t seriously be happy for you. Because the truth is, everyone is selfish at heart. That person could tell you, “Hey, good job,” but inside, they could be hurting because their D+ isn’t looking so good. That conversation with they’re parents later that evening isn’t looking so good and that look the teacher just gave them handing back the test, isn’t looking good.

All of these emotions will either eat them up inside or they’ll take it out on you when the time is right. And I know, this is either depressing you or shocking you and It should. This should be the realization that, Hey! People are going to be looking out for themselves, so why aren’t you? There’s a moment in high school, where shit really hits the fan, it’s the moment when people start getting acceptance letters and its at that moment, you should realize, Hey! People are starting to live their own lives.

People are starting to carve out their own careers, so why are you trying to be the nice person? Why are you worried about what you parents might think about your dreams or what your friends or siblings are thinking? You need to start living yourself, believing in yourself and looking in the mirror and saying, Hey! If other people are selfish about their dreams then I should be too. It’s one of the hardest things in the world to follow your dreams because, not only will random people tell you, you’re not going to succeed, people you know will tell you this too.

At the end of the day, it’s your life. You can either follow the advice of people around you or follow your gut feeling, follow your true feelings toward problems. You can either be living your life or living someone else’s. And you know what, yes, this shit is easier said than done. This takes inner-strength, self confidence, perseverance and so much more.

And you can flip this and say, well look, my parents completely support what I’m doing, my friends and siblings support what I’m doing and I already believe in myself, but the truth is, you don’t even know if that’s even true. People can tell you what you want to hear, people can feed you what you want to swallow and you’d never know it. That’s why you have to understand that you are the most important person in your life. If I could truly just sum this up, i’d just say, don’t let insecure people screw with your mind enough, that makes you insecure about your life. Be self-aware and keep pushing towards all of your goals. And if anyone tells you, that you can’t do what you want to do, tell them watch me do it.


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