Indiana Trap/R&B Artist Ye Ali Would Be A Perfect Fit On Drake’s OVO Sound Roster

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I’ve always told myself, I’ll check out Ye Ali’s music when I have time, but I’ve always just put this thought aside. Months have gone by since I first saw his name and I still haven’t checked out his music.The other day though when I yet again saw his name online, I told myself, I’ll check him out when I have time, but this time was different. This time around, I’d make sure that I would actually go about doing this.

So this time around when I saw his name, I had a tactic to make sure I wouldn’t procrastinate this by favouriting a tweet from someone who posted his song on Twitter. This would insure that I could easily check my favourite lists so I can listen to his music later that day. When I finally decided to go into my favourites to listen to his song, I clicked the link and this song popped up.

The first thing I noticed on the video was that it came out a month ago. If I didn’t procrastinate, I would have already known about this, but going with what was said by someone who replied to me when I tweeted out a lyric from this song Tingz, its better to be late than never listen to him at all.

Now as good as the song Tingz is, this song doesn’t just make me say he should be on Drake’s OVO roster. The song was dope, the music video was really good, but I needed to learn more about this artist. So I tried searching him up and I found that to be incredibly difficult because there’s not too much information out there about him, but I did find an interview he did.

After I watched that interview, I realized a few things; The song that was playing in the beginning was absolute flames, Ye Ali already dropped a tape called Art x Drugs and that he seemed like a genuine, interesting good person. When I find a song I like or an artist I like, I have to understand where the artist comes from and that’s when I can finally say alright, I mess with this. The interview did that for me.

I then searched and found out the song that was playing in the beginning of the interview was called Loud and it’s one of the songs from his Art x Drugs mixtape. Right off the bat, I was like this song is incredible. The 2 Chainz No Lie sample, Ye Ali’s vocals, the vocals from the features on the song, the last 3 minutes of the song. The last 3 minutes of the song is too good.

If Tingz caught my curiosity, Loud was the song that caught my attention. The blend of the Trap sample from 2 Chainz, Ye Ali’s Trap/R&B vocals throughout the song and the jaw dropping outro, this is that OVO Sound that I hear when I listen to a Drake or PartyNextDoor song.

After, I heard Loud, I downloaded the Art x Drugs mixtape. Another song that caught my attention was the 10th song on his mixtape called Your Love. This song samples Aaliyah’s One In A Million and we all know Drake’s and OVO 40’s infatuation with Aaliyah.

Now after I listened to his tape, I found out that Ye Ali just dropped an EP called Private Suite a week ago. The craziest thing then happens when I find out that that there’s a Drake sample on the EP. Ye Ali’s 3rd track Yours on his Private Suite EP samples Drake’s Own It from Nothing Was The Same. 

From listening to Ye Ali’s music, it’s clear that the influences in his music would work well with OVO, but not because of Drake, but because of Noah Shebib aka 40. In 40’s production when he makes music, he incorporates R&B and Soul with a touch of Trap. This description perfectly describes Ye Ali. 40’s production has been monumental for Drake to say the least and with 40s help, Ye Ali would prosper on OVO Sound.

Considering they signed Makonnen, they really should consider working with Ye Ali or even sign him. That’s not a knock to ILoveMakonnon, I’m just using him as example as someone who was signed by OVO whose not from Toronto.

As Ye Ali originates from Indiana, but currently resides in LA. Ye Ali’s sound and influences coincide with OVO’s and he would be a  perfect fit on their roster. If he doesn’t end up connecting with OVO, I still see him doing amazing things.


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