You Need To Listen To Elliot Moss’s Album “High Speeds”

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When I’m not thinking about what I should write next or when I’m not reading Michael Jackson’s Wikipedia page, which I do at least once ever 2 months, I sometimes scour the web for some new music. I’m joking, i’m always scouring the web for new music, I just wanted to throw in that Michael Jackson bit because I was just reading his Wikipedia page; Its like a novel, I swear to god. But really though, I love finding new artists and new music to listen to.

It’s not so much of an addiction, more so that I always want to find something new to listen to. Alright, I’m joking again, it really is an addiction. So the other day, I was listening to Beats Radio 1 and I heard this song called Slip. I was like “oh damn, this is amazing.” So I’m listening to the song and I’m like,”who is this person? Why have I never heard this song or artist before.”

So after I heard the song, I did what any normal person would do, I googled the song. I mean, wouldn’t you google the song, if it made you say,“oh damn?” I then found out that the artist is 21 year old Elliot Moss and he’s from New York. And I also found out that he released his album High Speeds on iTunes on April 28th this year! Talk about slipping on this artist for that long.

So now, I’m listening to his album and all the songs on the album turns out as good as his song Slip. Now while, I’m listening to the album, I’m thinking to myself that Elliot Moss to me, throughout the album sounds like a mixture of Keane, Bon Iver and James Blake. All of this is a compliment to him. He still has a definitive sound in his vocals that’s incredible.

The highlights to me from his album come in the form of these songs; Slip, High Speeds, VCR Machine, Even Great Things, Pattern Repeating and I Can’t Swim. Now, I just got into the album, so these songs are the highlights so far. Pattern Repeating sounds like a Keane song to me, It sounds like Walnut Tree off of Keane’s debut album, Hopes And Fears. Like the Piano part of the song sounds like the piano part of Walnut Tree before the song really builds up. And it sounds a little bit like Sunshine, off of Keane’s debut album too. Again with the piano chords.

Through and through though, this album is amazing and if you’re in need of something new to listen to stream his album below. If my words haven’t convinced you, play the music below and let the music speak for itself. Click here to play VCR Machine from the album because it’s not in the album playlist below. I don’t know why it isn’t because It’s one of my favourite tracks on the album.


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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