The Idea An Image Reflects Is More Powerful Than The Image Itself

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Have you ever looked at a celebrities photo or a photo of someone you know on Instagram and thought, “Wow, that looks like fun.” Have you? If you haven’t, picture it right now in your head, the picture of the celebrity could be of them at a gala. The picture from the person you know could be from a concert or maybe from a trip overseas. You looked at this photo and thought, “Wow, that looks like so much fun, they’re probably having an incredible time.”

The thing about that is, if you think that way towards the photo, that means the person who posted that photo reached their goal. They might not have wanted to reach a goal, but they did. They did because through the image of the picture, they sold you an idea and you bought it.

The image they showed you reflected the idea of them having fun. You will never know if that celebrity truly had fun in that photo. You’ll never know if that person had an amazing trip overseas or if they enjoyed that concert. The only reason you think they had fun is because if you were in that circumstance, you would probably be having fun.

If you were in their shoes, you think you would be having fun, so you think to yourself they should be having fun. The celebrity could have been smiling in the photo, the friend you know could have been smiling in their photo too. This means nothing though.

Yes, feelings do radiate from a person, but you can only assume or guess, how the person really feels. Why is this the case? Because you’re not that person in the photo. The person could have written a caption below the photo saying how happy they were or just a really joyful caption, but that still doesn’t mean anything.

You can never know for certain how they really felt emotionally in their photo. Its like a depressed person, they hid the fact their depressed pretty well. A depressed person can be in a photo smiling, but deep down their depressed. That depressed person could even write a caption saying how happy they are. That’s why you can never really know how someone feels in a photo.

Its crazy because we don’t even realize that they way we think controls the way we see the world. We never question the way we think. We don’t even ask ourselves, are they really having fun at that gala? Was that trip actually lit? Was that concert really fun or did some tall person block their view? Why do, I even think they’re having fun? We just automatically tell ourselves, “Wow, that looks like fun.” This type of thinking is the exact reason why fear of missing out (FOMO) exists.

FOMO only exists because people make it exist. If people just thought to themselves, maybe that event isn’t that lit. Or maybe that club or party isn’t that fun then FOMO wouldn’t exist. If people enjoyed their own company and didn’t care about what other people were doing, FOMO wouldn’t exist. People just don’t think. People just buy into what they see.

Some people specifically choose what they show to the world when it come to social media. I really do believe this. Your friend could Snapchat a party and it might seem like so much fun, but what if the person only filmed 10 seconds of the party actually being fun? What if the rest of the party was actually terrible? That’s why the idea an image reflects or even a video from Snapchat is more powerful than the image or video itself.

All I really have left to say is think. Think properly and question everything.


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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