Predicting The Two Game 7 Winners : Hawks/Ducks And Lightning/Rangers

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If you remember back in April, I picked my teams who, I thought would make it into the conference finals. I picked Tampa Bay, Minnesota Wild, Anaheim and the Capitals. Of course, I was only 2 out of 4 right. Chicago blitzed the Wild and the Rangers beat the Capitals in a tight 7 game series. You can read my detailed prediction by clicking here. These are my predictions on the two game 7s.

Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks vs Anaheim Ducks

Prediction : Ducks Win In Overtime

Reason : The Anaheim Ducks since 2007 have been in three game 7s. They have lost them all. They can’t afford to lose this game. This is where, I think the Ducks will have the edge on the Hawks. The Hawks have the experience and the determination to make it back to the finals, but I think the Ducks will be more hungrier in this game. It will be a close one and that’s why, I expect it to get into overtime. As well, Getzlaf blamed himself for the game 6 loss. I expect him to have a huge game 7 to make up for that. When it comes to Getzlaf, he’s having a career playoff run when it comes to production. He has 19 points in 15 games. Game 6 wasn’t kind to him and he knew it. He was a minus player and was held without a point for the first time in these playoffs. I see the ducks wining 2-1 in overtime and reaching the final for the first time since 2007. Andersen will have a huge game to keep the hawks at bay. 


Eastern Conference

New York Rangers vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Prediction : Lightning Win 2-1

Reason : The Lightning will bounce back from their terrible game 6 and sneak out a victory in game 7. This is a gut feeling prediction because I feel like game 7 will finally catch up to Lundqvist and he will lose. Lundqvist has won the past 6 game 7’s he’s played. Among those victories, 5 of them were 2-1 victories. I have a feeling the Lightning will either win 2-1 or win 3-1 from an empty netter. Lundqvist will let in questionable goals and the loss will be his fault. Lundqvist will lose his first game 7 since 2009. If my gut feeling does’t come to fruition, I could see this match be a goal blood bath, but I really believe in a 2-1 lightning victory.


There you have it, I predict a Tampa Bay Lightning vs Anaheim Duck Stanley Cup Final. Will find out what the final will be when the Ducks play the Hawks tomorrow night.


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