Ranking The 10 Most Anticipated Albums From The Rest Of 2015

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Somehow, we’re already in the middle of May. January, February, March and April have all come and gone. Amazing albums have come out, incredible news has been made, but the year is not over yet. We still got 7 months and a couple of weeks left until 2016. And there are still incredible albums that have yet to come out this year.

These are the 10 most anticipated albums from the rest of 2015. Of course, this is my list, so you might agree or disagree with it, but enjoy regardless. The preview of the albums are songs that are more recent to the artists. It’s either a snippet or a song or maybe even a cover. I didn’t include her in the list, but I’m hoping Adele shocks us with a surprise album this year.


Artist : Years & Years

Album : Communion

Release Date : July 10th

Ever since, I heard their song Take Shelter back in December, I knew this group would breakout this year. I wrote about how they were one of the artists to watch this year. You see that by clicking here. Olly Alexander, the lead vocalist of the Years & Years has an incredibly powerful voice and they have yet to drop a bad song. They have released a lot of songs that will be on the album already; Memo, Take Shelter, Desire, Shine, Worship, Real and Eyes Shut. Their album still has songs that have yet to be released and i’m definitely anticipating it. If you haven’t heard of them before, listen to the song below.

Preview Of Album


Artist : Travi$ Scott

Album : Rodeo

Release Date : TBA

If you’re a huge Travi$ Scott fan, then you’re just like me and patiently waiting for Rodeo. 2014 was a terrible year for hip hop, but there were some shining moments and Days Before Rodeo was one of them. Days Before Rodeo was an incredible step in the right direction after Owl Pharaoh. Songs from Owl Pharaoh still bang, but Days Before Rodeo was definitely a better body of work. Given his mixtape trajectory, because Travi$ Scott has said Owl Pharaoh and Days Before Rodeo are not albums, Rodeo should top Days Before Rodeo and be a crazy debut album.

Preview Of Album


Artist : Kid Cudi

Album : Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven

Release Date : TBA

Just like, I said earlier 2014 was a terrible year for hip hop, but there were shining moments and Kid Cudi presents Satellite Flight : The journey to mother moon was a highlight. Songs that, I still bang from time to time from that album include Balmain Jeans, Satellite Flight, Troubled Boy and Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now. Kid Cudi will also be dropping his Man On The Moon III later this year, well hopefully, but Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven is definitely an album i’m anticipating.

Preview Of Album


Artist : A$AP Rocky

Album : At Long Last A$AP

Release Date : June 2nd

A$AP Rocky came out and dropped LiveLiveA$AP and that was incredible. He then followed that up by dropping LongLiveA$AP in 2013. Since then, he was pretty quiet. He dropped Multiply, Pretty Flacko PT.2 and M’S. Still, he was still pretty quiet with even these songs, until he dropped Everyday. From Everyday, I still don’t know what to expect from the album, but I’m honestly hoping for the best and because of that, I’m anticipating this album. Fingers crossed he doesn’t catch a brick.

Preview Of Album


Artist : Lana Del Rey

Album : Honeymoon

Release Date : TBA

First song, I ever heard from Lana Del Rey was Video Games. It’s still to me one of the greatest songs of this decade. I feel like, I keep saying this, but yeah 2014 was just a weak year for music. And this is the part where, I say, but wait, here’s a shining moment. I’m well aware that, I sound repitative, but it’s true. UltraViolence was a huge highlight from 2014. Black Beauty might just be one of my favourite Lana Del Rey songs of all time. Simply put, I can’t wait until Honeymoon comes out.

Preview Of Album


Artist : James Blake

Album : Radio Silence

Release Date : TBA

James Blake is one of the greatest acts right now. Overgrown is a classic. His self-titled debut album was a classic. He just makes incredible music.The last album he dropped was back in 2013, so i’ve been waiting. Not including the EP’s he has given us. I expect this album to be ranked among the best when the years at a close and i can’t wait to hear it. Radio Silence will be amazing.

Preview Of Album


Artist : Frank Ocean

Album : Boys Don’t Cry

Release Date : July

Do I even need to explain why, I’m anticipating this album? When, I found out about the announcement of this album, I was excited out of my damn mind. I can’t even imagine when, I actually have the album. July really can’t come soon enough. It’s been two years since Channel Orange and four years since Nostalgia Ultra. Boys Don’t Cry is highly anticipated for me.

Preview Of Album


Artist : The Weeknd

Album : TBA

Release Date : TBA

Canada’s very own. I don’t even need to explain why, I’m excited, but The Weeknd’s Canadian, so I have to explain. Even though some people didn’t really like Kiss Land, I thought that album was incredible. When, I listen to that album, I feel like, I’m listening to the soundtrack to a movie. I still don’t know any artist that even remotely sounds like The Weeknd right now. You can compare him to other artists in the past vocally, but he’s just a new breed of artists. He completely took over 2011. I’ve never seen an artist do that. By the sounds of the untitled track below. Often, Earned It and King Of The Fall, The Weeknd’s next album will be out of this world.

Preview Of Album


Artist : Drake

Album : Views From The 6

Release Date : TBA

I firmly believe Nothing Was The Same to date is Drake’s best album. I don’t even know how he is going to top that album. Yeah, If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late was an incredible body of work, but that wasn’t an album. Take Care is a classic, but to me Nothing Was The Same is Drake’s best album. Ernest Baker wrote an incredible piece about why this is true and you can read about that by clicking here. 

I don’t even know what to expect from Views From The 6. Will it be Toronto oriented with huge amounts of references or you know what, I honestly don’t even know. Thank Me Later was the debut, Take Care was as emotional as you can possibly get, filled with regret and thinking back on his life, Nothing Was The Same was Drake realizing what his entire life had become. Wherever his head is at for this album, I know it’s going to be crazy. Canada’s very own as well.

Preview Of Album


Artist : Kanye West

Album : Swish (Formerly So Help Me God)

Release Date : TBA

In 2013, Kanye West was off the charts frustrated with everything that was going on and because of that, he gave us Yeezus. Kanye said that album is what frustration sounds like. Maybe his Adidas deal calmed him down, maybe having a child calmed him down, whatever it was, Kanye from 2013 is not Kanye from 2015. There was a moment at the Grammy’s were old Kanye came back, but this time was different. He admitted he hadn’t even hard Beck’s album and he admitted he was wrong to go up on the stage after the fact in an interview on the Breakfast Club. In 2015, he has dropped Only One and All Day. Polar opposite tracks. So, It’s hard to indicate what kind of album Swish will be. At this point, I’m just waiting for the CDQ of Wolves to drop. Whenever this album does drop, I expect it to top every album list at the end of the year. Number one across the board.

Preview Of Album


From The 6ix,With Love

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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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