Would It Be Weird Going To The Theatres Or Going To A Concert Alone?

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Naturally, when you think about seeing a movie or going to a concert, you usually think about the people you’re going to see it with. Your first thought isn’t thinking about going by yourself. You message your friends and say this artists or band is coming to town at this venue, you want to go buy tickets? Or you message your friends saying this movie is coming out, let’s go see it.

Naturally, this is what you do.

Now, I’ve never actually went to see a movie alone, but I’ve seen a concert alone, so I have some experience. In 2009 though, I almost saw a movie alone. It happened back when I was in Junior High School.

I skipped the last couple of classes for the day to go watch the Michael Jackson movie This Is It! Now, I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan, so I didn’t care that I was going to go see it alone. When, I got to the theatre though, it was closed due to maintenance and I sadly just went back to school.

I eventually saw the Michael Jackson documentary with a few of my friends. But, when it comes to the concert, I saw some acts for free technically alone at Yonge & Dundas in Toronto during the Manifesto festival.

I was a volunteer for the Manifesto festival in 2014, so I had the opportunity to see the acts. I didn’t see anything wrong with seeing the concert alone, I recorded some of the acts, sang along, enjoyed the concert with the people around me. I thought it was a good time, but it does beg the question, do other people find it weird?

It’s odd because, I do watch movies on Netflix by myself all the time and I don’t think anything of it. But maybe, the situation is weird for people because you’re in a social setting and you’re just alone. When you’re watching something on Netflix, you’re usually not in a social setting, you’re just in your home.

I do think though that, that something that might be weird is going to restaurants alone. I mean, what do you do when you’re just waiting for your food? Blankly stare around at the people around you? Movies, I can understand. When you’re watching a movie with your friends in the theatres, you’re not talking. So, technically you’re experiencing the movie alone.

When it comes to concert, having your friends there does add some energy and excitement, but again you’re technically experiencing it by yourself, but going to a restaurant alone? I don’t know about that.

So, do you find it weird going to a theatre alone? Or going to a concert alone? Have you ever done one or the other or maybe both alone? If so, leave some comments.

I don’t think it’s weird personally, but it might be weird for you reading this.


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Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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