It’s Not The End Of The World If You Fail Something In School : Life Talk #21

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The reason why people feel like their life is over when they fail something in school is because they’re living way too deep in the moment.

When people are studying something that is important or working on a project that’s important, that project or exam is their entire life to them. Nothing else matters to them. This feeling is exemplified when people work on final projects or study final exams that are worth a lot of their grade.

That’s why when people fail, they feel like the world ended. They feel this way because they didn’t live up to the expectations they have of themselves. And most importantly, they didn’t live up to the expectations their parents have of them. This is why when people have terrible report cards or terrible grades in college or university, they are terrified to show their parents.

There’s simply nothing worse than disappointing your parents.

It’s one thing to fail something, it’s another thing knowing your parents know you failed at something. And it’s different for everybody. People have different expectations of themselves when it comes to work that they do and different parents have different expectations for their kids. What isn’t different is that nobody and, I mean nobody likes to fail.

The anxiety that comes from failing anything is different for everybody. For some, the negative thoughts that come from failing can be hard to handle or for some easy to dismiss. For those who find it difficult to handle, it’s another huge reason why it feels like the world has ended for them.

For these people, these negative thoughts take over their mind and if its gets worse, it takes over their life. All they can think about is the fact that they failed. Again, this feeling is exemplified when whatever the person has failed is of great importance.

And when you fail, these are the five steps you should take instead of letting the negative thoughts flourish.

1. Accept the fact that you failed.

2. Find out why you failed.

3. Tell your parents you failed.

4. Understand that you can learn from this moment

5. Move on

For most people who fail, they take a really long time at step one. For the people who failed and have a huge feeling inside that they didn’t deserve to fail they don’t even start at step one, they start at step two.

The lucky ones sometimes find out they didn’t deserve to fail and they go through straight to step five. For the ones who don’t care about failing, they just go all the way to step five. For the ones who care about failing, it’s a long road to step five. A very long road.

Regardless of how long it takes to get through all the steps, one thing is certain. You’re the only person who is standing in the way of getting to step five. When you get to step five, you’ll realize it isn’t the end of the world, but until you get to that point, you’ll feel like the world ended.

It’s a shame that people have in their mind if they fail the world has ended, but this is what happens when our entire life is defined by what types of grades we get in school. Even for me, last semester, I had a class where the final assignment was worth 50% of my grade. One assignment worth 50%!

I did pass that, but the stress I felt from that was enormous. School honestly gets more stressful as the years go by, but you always have to remember that failing isn’t the end of the world, it just feels like that in the moment.

And when you finally move on, you’ll realize feeling that way was pointless. And on a final note, you should never ever let the grades you receive in school impact your mental health even if sometimes, it does.


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