What’s Going On With Majid Jordan?

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Dear, Majid Jordan

What’s going on with you guys? It’s been way too quite. I mean, you only have two tapes and that only totals 13 songs. 13 songs! You haven’t done anything in 2015 expect for dropping a music video. The other people on the OVO roster have been working.

Drake has been doing everything since he dropped his Mixtape/Album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. He’s headlining everything this year. From the already done Coachella to The Wireless Festival to his own short Jungle Tour and OVO Fest later this year. And much more concerts. Drake also released a short film titled Jungle. Drake has been working.


ILoveMakonnen is currently touring now and recently released his Drink More Water 5 EP.

Partynextdoor dropped PND2 in the summer of 2014 and started touring. Then he dropped PNDColors and he just finished the extended version of the tour. He’s also been featured on Big Sean’s album Dark Sky Paradise, Drake’s If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late and other things as well. He’s been working.

I’ll never consider Ob O’brien (sorry) an actual artist on the OVO roster, but he’s funny and he’s regularly seen hanging out with Drake.


So what’s going on with you guys? You never toured after dropping the A Place Like This EP. I don’t even think many people are aware of the tape you guys dropped in 2013 called Afterhours.

The last thing you guys have dropped as a group was way back in January of this year. The music video for the song Forever off of the A Place Like This EP. The other music video you released for the song Her from this same EP was released in December 2014.

The music videos are incredible and Forever definitely represents the best city in the world, but come on. We need some more music. And not some troll EP with five tracks ( I mean c’mon, five tracks?).

You guys have been so quite that people probably don’t even know who you guys are.

So please drop some new music and start touring. Follow the lead of the other acts on the roster and start working.



From The 6ix,With Love

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Kid From The 6ix

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