2015 Stanley Cup Round 2 Playoff Predictions

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Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild

Prediction : Wild In 7

Reason : I’m going with a hunch for this series. The Vancouver Canucks played the Chicago Blackhawks three times in a row from 2009 till 2011. The hawks won the first two series and lost the third one. I believe that history always likes to repeat itself and this series should be no different. The Wild have played the Hawks two times in a row now from 2013 and 2014. 2015 would be the third time and just like the Canucks, I believe the Wild will beat the hawks the third time.


Anahiem Ducks vs Calgary Flames

Prediction : Ducks in 6

Reason : This series can honestly go both ways. Both teams played incredibly tight series in the first round. The only way, i see the Flames getting through this series if there offence somehow out powers the ducks and the success they had against the Canucks crosses over into this series. I just don’t see that happening though. The ducks have incredible depth and I see Frederik Andersen and Ryan Kesler being the heroes in this series.

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Eastern Conference

Washington Capitals vs New York Rangers

Prediction : Capitals in 7

Reason : The New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals have played each other four times since 2009. This series would mark five times since 2009. Every series against each other has gone to seven games expect in 2011 when the Capitals knocked out the Rangers in five games. The reason, I have the Capitals edging out the Rangers is that the Capitals have always had defence issues and this time around, I think the fact their defence is a lot better that they will beat the Rangers. The only way the Rangers win this series if it Hotlby tanks it for the Capitals.


Montreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Prediction : Tampa Bay in 6

Reason : The only reason the Canadiens swept the Lightning in the first round in 2014 was because Tampa didn’t have Ben Bishop in net. How did the Lightning beat the Red Wings in-game 7 in the first round? Bishop shut the wings out in a 2-0 victory. The Canadiens did nothing special against the Ottawa Senators in the first round. One could argue if Anderson played in-game 2, It could be the Ottawa Senators playing the Lightning. The Canadiens top players barely did anything in round 1 and they were bailed out by Price to win the series. I see the Lightning avenging their 2014 defeat to the Canadiens.



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